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Highlight and Pin Facebook Content 

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January 21, 2020

Welcome to the last segment in module three highlighting and pinning is three point eight so let's start with highlighting if you highlight one of your images what it means is it takes up twice the amount of room on your Facebook page to highlight it click the little drop down arrow on the top right of your image or Facebook status update and you'll get this menu bar come down and highlight have a little star next to it and click it it will then expand to twice the size of a regular post as you can see I've done this with my achieve greatness page with Ahnold swats niggas photo it's really effective when people come to your page they see this large image and they're more inclined to like the more inclined to see it it's great for competitions or something you want to be more prominent on your page so note that if you highlight the image on your Facebook page it will span the entire width of the page and display it 843 by 403 pixels so try and optimize the content for that size let's have a look at pinning now so you could be pinned to get to the pin menu it's the same as the highlight you can see the highlights down here the pin is at the top of this settings bar so simply comment here to the settings and click pin to top what it does is it literally pins this status to the very top of your newsfeed and it is no longer displayed in the chronological order that it normally does so when people come on to your page this will always be the thing that they see at the top of your page which is very very beneficial for things that you want to have more prominent and getting more eyes on on your Facebook page so your pin posts will be at the top of your timeline for a total of seven days you can only pin one thing at a time and it's very useful to pin or highlight a competition entry or even something of a strong value that you want most people to see when they first come to your page and therefore more likely to click the like button because they see this valuable content unfortunately you cannot pin and highlight the same update at the same time however you can pin and highlight different updates on your page this rounds out module 3 now we're moving on to the exciting stuff let's now do what makes sense and go and find these people to like our page and get the ball get our snowball rolling down the hill I'll meet you over in module 4.

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