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Facebook page settings and preferences

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March 08, 2021

Welcome to 2.7 let's have a walkthrough of your page settings so your page settings are very easy to edit at any time one thing that I want to point out here is that there are no right or wrong settings but the settings used to suit your personal preferences so they're always changeable and you can always come in here and update them so let me give you a quick walkthrough of your settings to help you understand them further okay here I am on my Facebook page settings over on the Left we have a navigation panel that categorizes the settings so I'm gonna start in general and just give you a quick walkthrough and a quick description of a few of the important settings again the important thing to remember is that every setting is based on your personal needs and there's no right or wrong so let me just explain a few of them okay the first is page visibility is your page published or is it not to edit any of these settings simply click the edit or the little pen button over here on the right if you um publish a page it means the public can't see it it's good to do when your page is new and you're just starting to create it posting ability means can people post to your Facebook page or is it just you who can put stuff on your page down here is messages are people able to message your page privately using the inbox feature which is this little message feature up here notifications do get email notifications for them but we skipped tagging tagging is when you put a photo on your Facebook page can people tag people in the photo so if you see a friend in the photo can you tag their name and link to their Facebook account I like to keep this one off because you get a lot of spam and people tagging their own pages in your photo any age or country restrictions who do on your page to be visible to page moderation and profanity filter is also important if you don't want any swear words or curse word or even you come competitors names on your website you can come in here and block specific words from your page and therefore when people write that word on the page their comment will be not able to be posted for anyone else to see similar page suggestions is choose whether your page is recommended to others I don't see a reason why you should turn this off because it simply just increases your exposure and therefore will increase your likes and are people able to reply to comments left on your updates so people will be able to comment but do you thread that comment in replies or is it just comment after comment so that's general page info is obviously going to be specific to your pages information your page name your web address the category of your page the start info is a milestone so you're able to add your short description here impressive is something for European countries who have legal obligations to put in an impressing I'm not too familiar with this if you don't understand any of these options come in here - they add a button and there'll be a little question mark that'll explain what each option is my Internet's a little slow so that way for this to load she's coming here and so you can see the question mark here hover over that and it'll tell you exactly what each option does so here you can add your long description here's your website and if you're an official page of a brand celebrity or organization you can add it in here come back up to admin roles this is where you'll be able to add people who can manage your page the other thing to note about this is you can add them with limited abilities of what they are able to manage so if you have an employee who you want to look at your insights and help you promote your page further based on this data you can make them an insights analyst a moderator or a content creator I don't have access to this general and page info tab but they can do other things like post statuses and comment on other peoples pages apse is where you manage your apps pretty self-explanatory suggested edits are where people can suggest edits that you make to your page and they will appear here and you can choose whether you want to act on them on our featured a way you can select other pages to be featured on the left-hand column of your own page mobile are your mobile settings management and band users a way you can put in names or email addresses and have people banned from your page so they can neither find you or post content so once again come in here and explore for yourself experiment with the settings that you want and the preferences that you think you need you can always come in and change it and if you don't understand anything once again click the edit and then that little question mark will give you a quick description.

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