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Post-event social media marketing

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: So there are some very cool and smart things you can do this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy after the event to get even more all papers going about your event and how cool it was one cool thing is you want to compile all the pictures all the videos all the quotable things maybe have some narration into the can awesome awesome awesome blog post and that blog post you share in social media and you mentioned a lot of people there write things like that attack people and then you email also all the people who attended we didn't attend to show them hey here's the blog post here's what happened here's the recap really cool and insightful and and this is also your chance to be like hey follow us on social media and really this is your chance to be like by the way you miss this event look how cool it was but if you have a next event right to see you already starting to promote your next event by showing how amazing this event was right so it's really cool because that's really your starting the loop all over for your next event and you're starting it with like a really exciting thing because you're showing all the super cool super social super insightful a lot of people know whatever people needed to do a day I learn something have fun whatever all those things happen and then you're like don't miss the next one right here's the next one so that's really what you kind of want to do tweet out share on Facebook email maybe once or twice no emails just once but you can share more than once in social media how cool the event was you know things like just post event and like hint at the next one and really start the cycle all over again with the next one.

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