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How To Use Facebook Business Manager

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to introduce the facebook business manager which is really your go-to place to if you're running any kind of pages groups ads if you're working in a team you've got to be using the Facebook business manager from now on now this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy there's some confusion of like why should I do that because if you're on your regular Facebook like I am now that I'm showing you you can just go to pages for example and you can just click on create your page here and right from this page you can create a page and you can post your posts and do whatever you want so why do you need to use the business manager I'll tell you why here's Facebook's official page on why you need business manager and what it is it's your number one place to organize everything because if you have one page it might not be that hard to manage it randomly from your personal account but if you have many pages if you work across Facebook on Instagram if you work across a team if you want to give people roles if you have multiple ads that you're running this becomes all really really convoluted if you do this from your personal profile so here are the major reasons okay so if you have a team you can assign people to pages without interview without using your personal account it's a business people don't need to mix with your personal account so you can assign roles you can manage assets which is your accounts like different Facebook accounts for an Instagram accounts and different pages and ads and apps and everything everything you have also if you use a vendor meaning if somebody is managing your maybe Facebook page for you if your just a business owner and you want somebody like a freelancer or an agency to manage your Facebook and Instagram content for you this would be a really good place to give them those right permissions so again they don't under cross however with your personal account they also talk about permissions here already touched on that they have extra security features that's important and also just in case you are not just a small business owner who wants to use their own pages but just in case maybe you are trying to start an eighth like a Facebook marketing agency or you're just a facebook marketing freelancer and you have many clients well this is the way to manage this so they can all give you permissions so that you don't get lost in different logins and logging into a million million different accounts you have it all here and you'd be able to manage it from here so this is great for people who have beyond just one very basic page and even if you have just one very basic page still this is your place to be now how do you get to the Facebook business manager the URL of the Facebook business manager is business that very easy business that you come here and you can create an account and that's what we're going to start doing in the next video.

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