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Attend other events, see how they manage & network

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In the previous video I mentioned the ability to find other event organizers and other events and seeing whether we can tap into some of the audiences that they have this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy the problem is that if you email them through a cold email it's only somewhat effective because you know email they sometimes delete it and they disregard it it's there's not a lot of relationship there so sometimes what you want to do to really strengthen that relationship is attend competitive events that are put on by those organizers and of course it's easy to look at competition as people we don't like we have this like natural built-in hostility but your competitors can be fantastic resources for learning you can see what they're doing right and sometimes competition is also also competition because to a point you're competing but to a point you're helping each other cross promote learn from each other so you can if you can look at it as competition and have more positive sentiment towards your competitors you're gonna create a mindset that's gonna be more open to network with them and to learn from what they are doing right because there's a tendency to think we are doing great but the truth is that always there's other people who are doing something right and we're not doing everything perfect and we can always improve and this will be a fantastic source of improvement so what you want to do is come to the events put on by other organizers and meet them face to face they're gonna like you you're gonna build a relationship and they're gonna be more likely to do Co events with you or maybe help you promote your events in the future build that relationship.

In person it's stronger also when you're at the event and you're naturally talking to other attendees guess what these intend these are already attending this event that means that they like that these types of events so if you tell them that you also put on similar events there's a chance that they might take a strong interest in your events and they might attend your events so you don't necessarily want to poach attendees from your competitors but you can naturally tell people that you're networking with that hey you've got something similar and they're welcome to come too so this is actually a source of some attendees and in my experience when I attended events put on by others what I saw are often things that I liked about how they're organizing the events are they better at the email marketing maybe they're more informative maybe they hand out nice brochures to make people feel more welcome they maybe they do something with sponsors that make sponsors more likely to sponsor during the event there are all kinds of little event management and organization tips that you can pick up on and that you can then incorporate into your events to make your events better and this is precisely what that open mindset will allow you to do as soon as you become open to the idea that yeah they are pretty good too they know what they're doing and you can learn from them so even though we're talking about event marketing this is kind of say going into you learning about event organization and event management by networking with other event organizers coming to their event learning from them so make a point of attending the event put on by your competitors and building relationships with them because attending those other events and meeting people and having those real conversations and even talking to people today I attend these and seeing what they like what they don't like and seeing what the other organizers are doing to manage the event will give you ideas for how to make your events better and will put you in a better position to get the other organizers to promote your events.  

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