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Getting staff for your event as part of your event management

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm gonna show you how to get free or cheap quality event staff this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy for your events and many people think that staff can be expensive but it can be free or inexpensive and it can be good and it can immediately help you to improve your event some of the basic staff you can use right away even if they have no skills are to help you arrange the furniture to help people to help direct people when they arrive - to man their registration table when they arrive and the registration table is very important because that's what people sign in and that's where you collect the email addresses and you actually don't have to pay people to do that because you'll get a lot of people who had go on price some people will say like I'm a student if your ticket people or people who just are not in a very good financial situation so instead of just saying yes or instead of just saying no all you do just exchange some free labor for the price Hagler's and you can just put those people before the event at the registration desk and right away get their help to get you more emails and to make the attendees feel more welcome right away your events will feel better to do that in these and during the events those people can help you out or they can watch the event or participate but at least you'll get some free labor for whatever you need from the people who need cheap or free tickets if you are able to pay a little bit there are sites like fancy hands calm TaskRabbit calm or Craigslist if those sites are not popular wherever you are all you have to do is search Google for something like concierge sites or one like labor sites or hire short-term hire sites and you'll get a lot of sites work where you can hire pretty good people who want to do a great job and you'll be able to have a large choice of people who you can hire also if you really don't want to pay you can get friends and family to help you out but sometimes it's a little weird because you don't want to do business with friends and family that much and you might not want to mix business and personal life and if you need specialized skills.

Maybe you need a DJ maybe you need somebody to film your event so for those kinds of skills you would need to just basically search google for like DJ hire DG hire a videographer of course those do tend to be a little more expensive because they're specialized skills if you can learn how to do them on your own or if you can teach one of the people who are inexpensive that's better but of course the professionals will just do a better job now you'll have many options for who to hire but whom should you really hire you should always meet people and chat with them before the event it might seem to you that like oh you know they'll do a great job and it's just a simple basic job but the problem is that the bottom like 25% of potential employees they hurt your events they do not help they're gonna misbehave they're gonna maybe be unprofessional who knows they could like even very poor candidates they might even get into arguments or altercations with the paying attendees and so you can vet those by making sure that you do meet them and don't take it for granted that they'll do a basic job very well once you do hire the good candidates give them strong directions and in well-defined roles because usually people don't have directions or well-defined roles they kind of meander and they revert back to their what was the least I can do until my time here is up but if you do give them a list of tasks they need to do or they need to make sure that something gets done really well then they will focus on that and they'll do a better and actually a better job what you also want to do is give them cheap but professional-looking uniforms with your logo and your website because they're gonna be walking around all throughout the events and the uniform can be really cheap just a t-shirt maybe a hat that's it and it would make your event look way more professional first of all it will make the help easy to spot but what's really cool is that because your employees will be walking around with the logos and with your website on their clothing the attendees maybe they don't know your company that well you don't know but after seeing your employees many times throughout the events they'll remember your logo and they'll remember your URL better and better which will make it much more likely that they'll come back to your site remember to come back to the next events and so on and so on.

So it's a big branding thing as well not to mention that it actually makes your event better when people feel like you've planned it and you've put in the extra effort and if they end up having a better time they are gonna be more likely to come back and tell their friends and post positive things on social media and so on and so on also to incentivize your employees you want to mention to them that this is a regularly occurring event and that if they do a good job of course you'll retire them and that will give them incentive to do a good job because if they think like well this is just a one-off event and it doesn't really matter how good of a job they do or not then they'll do a less good job but if they're gonna want to get rehired of course they'll do a great job you can even say something like I'm only gonna need half of the staff next time so I'm gonna keep the top people from this event and so of course that makes your staff automatically think oh I got to do better at this event because I got to do the top 50% of the staff so those are little tips for how to make your staff do a really great job for you really support your attendees help with your branding and make the event much better and facilitate a recurring attendance and recurring audience which is fantastic for your long term event health and success.

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