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How to get citations and brand mentions to help your Google search ranking early

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm gonna introduce you to Google citations and brand mentions which are you this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy the easiest ways to get links and mentions for new sites so if you're struggling to get links this is the first place you go to citations and brand mentions they're either very basic links from places that don't necessarily give you a lot of SEO strength but give you at least a little bit so that Google starts to begin to recognize you and brand mentions are not even links not even hyperlinks they are just mentions of your brand for example my name is Alex Kennedy Nick and it's a very unique name there's no one in the world named that way except for me so if anybody mentions online if there's any written mention of my name Google knows it's me so if you have anything unique Google will know it's you and even if you're not that unique in your name the text surrounding the text that's about you might give Google enough of a hint that it's about you but it's generally good to have something unique so also my website is probably me Oh calm it's also kind of unique like what is that so that's also when people mentioned probably me oh that's a hint to Google hey it probably means getting mentioned and Google knows oh there's mentions of it that means it's somewhat authoritative that it functions as a very weak backlink but but in the beginning that's the best you've got so you got to get those citations are usually considered good for local sites but it does not all only have to be that way it can't help all sites so takeaway is it doesn't give a lot of benefit but some now I want to show you what I mean by these this is an example of my blog and it's just a blog post and it's just the text but what I want to show you is see how in this sentence I have the hyperlink all tomb that's a backlink that's legitimate backlink where I'm linking to somebody else but you see how I just mentioned this circuit studio that's a brand mansion this is unique for that circuit studio site there's nobody else circuit studio that's really unique for them so Google knows it's not as good as a hyperlink to have this mentioned but it's better than nothing it helps a tiny bit so that's a brand mention now and citation is maybe a directory listing a link like from Twitter profile I'll show you in a second this is my Twitter profile and you see I have a link here this will be considered a citation it's not a real link in a sense that that's the it's not the kind of great links that Google looks for because I can easily manipulate this and manage this this does not give me authority but at the same time yeah it's a somewhat ever mention right it's a citation now I'm gonna show you a place where you can get a lot of these citations on day one here is an article I found for you online it's a ultimate list of 200 plus citations it's not by me but it's a great resource and it's got a list here of a ton of different places where you can add your listing and in each listing just like I showed you on Twitter you can add your link so right away you'll have a lot of citations and this is something you can do right now so this particular URL is Omni core slash local - SEO - citation - sources - USA or if you just search for this title on google search it will also find this article for you and you just literally go through you don't have to do all these or you can hire a freelancer to add you to all these and then you're great to go you'll have your citations and you can move on forward in the course.

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