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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to show you how to find the right event journalists who write for large publications who have relevant audiences for you this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy in your area so what I did is I went to this is SFGate com website which is the local newspaper event for the local paper so obviously you know the website for the local paper that's big they can get you a lot of local audience exposure so what you want to do is for example find relevant events and I'm gonna click one that I don't know what it is I this is their event calendar so you see when I click it there's just gonna update so whatever it is so let's say okay I don't know what this event is going to be but like I'm gonna click it and what I'm looking for is I'm looking for who posted this and in this particular event I don't see anybody who posted this I don't see the organizer I don't see anything like that but what I can look into is different events and you can browse around here what I did is actually I found one event here that I'm gonna show you that did have a listing by an event journalist and so it took me some browsing and that's what you have to do is you have to browse the different pages on different events and whenever you see a name oh so like you see this is by somebody named Allen Johnson I have no idea who this is I keep scrolling and I keep scrolling and I see oh gee Alan Jones and it says right here San Francisco Chronicle staff writer that means he writes for this newspaper and oh my god an email so easy and oh my god a twitter so easy you can reach out with him on email on Twitter.

I recommend both and ask him what he covers if he would cover your event maybe you don't ask him to cover your event on the very first time you message him because that's a little bit too forward and too aggressive but definitely want to start getting on his radar message him tell him he liked his reviews become a little friendly with him on social media and then eventually when you have a really cool event coming you can ask him to review it and he will be much more likely to do that now how do you do this again you go to like Google and you search for events in your area see we can go back to the search events in San Francisco and of course these are ads ads ads and then so for example this SF on-chip I know that when I ran these events the organizer of this site he started recognizing me and you can find the contact forms and you can find like here at the bottom a very bottom you can find who to contact you got the press room here and you can just browse these and find the relevant emails and of course you want to put your events on here as a free listing right here at an event and you can even advertise but what you can also do is you can say contact us and you can then have sometimes they give you a contact email in this case they give you an email form and you can say hey I think I have a super cool event is it possible to get featured you never know who's on the other side of this email so I do recommend putting together a spreadsheet an Excel spreadsheet of journalists who cover events in your area or in your subject matter and reaching out to them on a regular basis becoming friendly with them first and then once you're friendly with them don't have to be totally great friends but at least get them to know who you are I have to have a business relationship and then you can pitch them promotion for your events and if you can make your events really cool and sounds really attractive it will make their job of covering your events that much easier and you might get coverage from a really big source this way.

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