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How to create your infographic so you can make more attractive posts

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Once you are logged in to your canva this video is brought to you by our Appy Pie’s Academy you have this kind of screen happening here and you can say create a design and then you can choose out of the designs that you want and what you want to do is create an infographic by the way you can see that this is I'm using canva 2.0 there's a right now a camera 1.0 they're upgrading their design I'm using the design of the future so if you watching this in the future most likely you'll have what I'm saying if not just make sure you're using canva one I'm using canva 2.0 to show this but they're very very similar in any case you choose they give you a lot of potential designs you can create and what we're going to do is we're gonna find the infographic because that's what we're creating then you get to a page like this and what happens is you see some are free scene says little little text here free free this one is not free just to show you an example if you click on one that's not free and you download it's going to say 8 $3 but if you choose one that is free and you download it's not gonna say $3 you can just download it for free so what happens is you can just edit the one that is free so that you don't have to pay but if you want if you likely design that you want to use then the $3 was just pretty negligible and you can use whatever you like so I'm gonna make this a little larger so you can see and we can begin editing any part of this you can see you can actually start writing your own like hello and so what you wanna do is fill out your own content you can click on any of it and just start writing delete like a pressing delete delete delete hello whoever is watching.

So you see it's just like this and the idea for this is that you will make it fun and funny and visual hopefully and easy for people to browse and look so don't don't put too much text putting most of the meat into them headlines so that people can skim it and can get all the information they need a nice one is like one like this where you can have little pictures they're not the most amazing pictures but at least it's a start for you and you kind of go and browse the different designs they're all very similar here if you look at the left side panel but still you can easily create something of your own that looks like you had it professionally done and you can create more engaging social media posts you can like imagine seeing this in a social media post rather than just text of course you would more be more likely to be like oh like what is this like this is kind of new and unique so it's gonna create he'll help you create more engaging social media post it's gonna help you create more engaging blog posts and it's going to add rich media to your pages when you you use this on your site because Google will say wow like this you know you have text and you have these kinds of info graphic images so it's gonna give you a lot of benefit in terms of engagement and in terms of like whenever like Google has to reality evaluate your site for SEO algorithmically this will give you all like you have an image on your site which is also great so a lot of uses for this and it's all almost all free that you can use or super cheap so go ahead and now you know exactly how to log in how to use this and how to create really nice infographics for your site so that you can be more attractive people can link to you more all those good things can happen.

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