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During event social media marketing and spreading the sharing

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: I said there are some very cool and effective things you can do during the actual event to boost your marketing this video is brought to you by our Appy Pie’s Academy and usually it's done with that you're like Twitter or social media hashtag right you gotta create a hashtag for your event for your event serious right so let's say my event is like X Y Z whatever right and your hashtag would be like hashtag X Y Z whatever but something unique so that it wouldn't get confused with other things on Twitter and social media things like that and so you would tweet that thing like to you would tweet live during the event and you would encourage you should encourage your attendees to you know take pictures share things like that during the event and use that hashtag so there's a lot of buzz right and some of what happens so for example like you might take a lot of pictures of the event and post them and then you tell your attendees hey go and check this hashtag for your pictures and then whenever they see their pictures they're like oh I'm in the picture retweet right and that way what happens you got retweet goes and it gets shared to their audience they're already in select class so you're at this event what's going on what is this event and then they kind of check out your event and then maybe they will sign up you know for your email list for me before the upcoming events things like that maybe they'll follow you so that once they follow you they'll be notified of whenever you promote new events so you always want to like post pictures post videos and encourage your attendees to post pictures post videos by using the hashtag so that the entire event can be almost like live followed from home right and of course you want to always encourage people to you know check the hashtag because especially if they are not attending because number one again it allows them to like almost be there and one attend next time you know but also you know people want to keep kind of in touch.

They want to follow along they can it's very good for conferences and things like that so people who cannot attend but want to get that information they can follow what's going on in the conference or in different talks by following the hashtag I actually I myself do that sometimes and you can put like a lot of like little teaser things like hey next time next time come or something like that right so that's very powerful and you are often what really often works is if you hold contests right let's say little price and then the voting happens on Twitter let's say so people have to like tell what their growth is and use the hashtag and then what that does is that that gets a lot of people to tweet and go there a lot - there it goes to their feed but because they use the hashtag people their followers they see what's going on they see hey you know again the hashtag appears not on your feet not your you're not reading that it appears on their accounts right if they're you know so it's kind of a way to get people to participate but also have the tweet promoting your event in a way show up on to their followers right so that's very good and you would also want to do is post you know because you're creating all this awareness about the hashtag and you're making it fun and things like that what happens is you want to create just like pictures and videos are great to post quotable content is great to post because that stuff gets Reshard a lot maybe somebody dropped some very interesting insight or something you should as the organizer like hey that's really good tweet that right you're they're like tweeting that and you mentioned at that person name who said that and by the way usually if they're smart and they're saying something they could be influential they can have a big following so when you add mention them on Twitter for example they will see it maybe not immediately but after the event and then it'll be like retweet right and it goes to all their followers right because they did something like they said something smart and you quoted them like people often retweet that kind of stuff so those are the things that you can do to like raise buzz get more of the current attendees to have more fun to be more engaged in social media to kind of more interact on your social media as I have as a more of a habit and maybe that will carry over to when they leave the event when they come next time but also this is a good way to hey babe and this happening now it's something very cool equal to thing about it and you can promote during the event to a huge untapped audience that is like followers of your attendees.

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