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Event management checklist recapping much of the material covered in the course

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: I wanted to leave you with a little maybe not little event management checklist so that you can be organized when you are planning your event and you can have everything sort of you know check check check check check go through things and make sure that you get everything covered okay so let's get started this video is brought to you by our Appy Pie’s Academy first of all you want to set your goals for the event the goals can be are you growing your maybe business right you want to funnel people from the event to your businesses clients maybe do you wanna make just revenue from the event is that your main goal right and of course you can say yes yes I want to drive people to the business yes I want an in gravity but sometimes you gotta optimize for one of those things and then the rest of the strategy sort of like flows into right if you want more people to become clients then you make the event free but if you want you know so that more people attend then you can have more leads you understand right so you really want to set your goal for the event is it revenue is it leads is it something else is entertainment is it maybe just social all right because that really allows you to brand the event and position the event in a number of ways to maximize that thing you're doing next is it's rare that you can put on a good event just by yourself you could but it's always better with people to help you and you can see you need to put a team together you can hire people you can get friends you can get co-founders of your business business partners but make sure that you have a team together and that's another thing in your checklist like hey do you have the manpower right to make the event as good as it can be like when I had my hiking events it would have been so much better if I had extra people right because if I was hiking and I was leading the group and there was like 30 people I had no idea what was happening behind me so the event would have been infinitely better.

If there was a person also at the end making sure everyone's okay you wanna set a concrete date for the event for the event what you want to do is for the date make sure there is no gigantic other events like Super Bowl light Prisma cicala you know unless your event is related to those the compete for attention with your event right so and you want to set your date a little bit far in advance to give yourself a chance to make all your marketing work right because people don't just go to an event right you have to Market Market Market Market the next thing you want to do is create a catchy and memorable theme and name for the event so that it really stands out the people go like wow that's gonna be such a cool event I want to go there right and then of course you want to write a really catchy description and an event description that's you know has all the details that's all so you also will need to book a venue like a place to host your event or have a plan to not need a venue or maybe get a sponsor to provide a venue so that you don't have to pay for it right like in my case I had outdoor events so I didn't need a venue which is like was like a huge amazing thing right because it can be expensive but in any case you need to figure out what to do with the place the place has to be good to host it has to be proper to host the event they have to make sense so that people don't feel comfortable in it right it's not you're not cutting corners with a venue you also want to you know what is the draw for the event you want to security are there like some amazing guest speakers or presenters or is there like some star person that everybody will attend because they're there or maybe you are that person but if you're not that person you certainly have to secure those people and make sure they don't flake right so you gotta make sure that they are excited about the event and everything like that then the next thing on the checklist is how will you handle logistics registration payments sending in at the events all that kind of stuff is usually also you know you have to pre plan for it but also if you have additional help especially at the event you will additional people to help you it will really help to smooth smoothly run the event of course.

The next thing when a checklist is a full marketing plan for the event we spent a lot of time in this course talking about marketing for the event so I'm just gonna leave you at that because it is lectures on just marketing here in this course so you have that cover for sure and one of the last things you have to really this is so important it's so important for the future of your food for the future success of your events you have to have an evaluation process to determine if the event was successful for you like if it was revenue did you make an X amount if the event was um like supposed to drive leads to your business did you drive an X amount of leads that you were after if it's social did you make did you get phone numbers from people to hang out later right things like that so you have to have you know goals for yourself in terms of what success might mean and then in an evaluation process of like hey was this successful or not and if it wasn't then you have to go back to the drawing board and you like what can I add just in order to make the outcome better next time right so what didn't go right and here's exactly how to tell if it things didn't go right is that you also have to have an evaluation process to determine was successful for your attendees because if they are not engaging like not paying not becoming leaves not wanna hang out after something something else that they are not doing enough ah that's because the event itself wasn't as amazing or you weren't as amazing or the lead collecting process wasn't as amazing as it could have been right you didn't build that trust you didn't build that need wanting them right that excitement in them from the event didn't just just didn't do it for them right so you've gotta raise your game and you've gotta have a evaluation process to determine if the event was successful for the attendees because they will then tell you if they you know if you talk to them if you get a survey you feedback loop they will tell you what was wrong and if you do it right if you collect that information right it's so easy to fix next time because they will tell you exactly what to fix and that's the beauty of getting that feedback and that's actually how you're gonna create a good event this time by following all the things that the checklist and then even better event next time and better next time and better next time because you'll have that really good feedback loop too and getting people to really enjoy your events more and more.

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