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Getting an event venue as part of your event management and event planning

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to talk to you about how to get your event space this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy which is called the venue space for free and often event space can be the most expensive thing about putting on your Hall event serious and that represents a lot of risk and I do not want you to have risk so I'm gonna go over a number of ways for how you can get free event space up until your gigantic event size when I first ran my events of course I had an easier time because I was able to do events outside so I didn't have to worry about it in most event cases that's not an option so what you want to do is find some company that will give you a couple of hours access to their office usually it's better if it's these companies are in the same subject matter as your event is and usually it's good if they're on the small size so they don't have a big HR department to get a lot of permissions from probably the decision maker is the CEO and he can just say sure he can also be present during the event and you can introduce him and introduce the company during the event as a sponsor so that his company gets this exposure to these I think these in person he can try to sell them so it's good for them they get exposure it's good for you you get this free sponsor and free venue space and if you try to get a sponsor who will give you money that's a lot harder it's a lot harder to get a sponsor who will just give you a free office space maybe in an off peak time or in the evening when the employees are not there anyway not as much easier so they don't need to pay but they'll still be a sponsor they'll still get promoted by you during the event they'll still get mentioned they'll still have a chance to sell to that and these and all they have to do is just give the conference room or office room and one person of the company has to be present there to just volunteer some time just to open the door and stuff like that other easy ideas are running a small event this is like five to ten to at maximum 15 people coffee shop or bar or restaurant usually these businesses especially if you can bring people during of peak hours like between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. were not manipular there or other off-peak hours they're really happy because those spaces are usually really empty and you don't have to pay to go there because the assumption is that your attendees will buy some things and so coffee shops bars and restaurants are super happy to accommodate small to small event meetings because that just extra revenue for them and some of your attendees might become regulars at those at those places so that's an extra incentive for them now.

How do you find these sponsors really you just reach out oftentimes to these small companies who are in your space in your area and you can ask for friends if you have friends who are in the similar niche you come you might ask them and if they work for some companies or if they know anyone said this is that a little that that would make for a little bit of a warmer lead and you'll have an easier time getting that then you're getting that sponsor and if you don't have a friends like that just reach out to companies if you are resourceful it will save you a lot of money if you're not resourceful you can just pay for the venue but obviously you probably don't want to pay for the venue so you just want to be resourceful and do a little bit of outreach some people will say no but really all you need is just one company to say yes and that would be a fantastic long-term sponsor now what happens when the event gets bigger well guess what when you need a bigger space you can get bigger sponsors for example I know of an event organizer who has grown his events to events that like its workshops and lectures but like 200 people come to a certain event per evening and it's like 200 people and guess what he does it at like Microsoft offices or Google offices usually these kinds of companies have really big spaces that particular organizers audience is technology audience and those kinds of companies they like to spend sponsors small business events and things like that because they have small business products to sell so it's a good match and he's still able to get even on that size free event space especially after you've become friendly and have a business relationship with sponsor it's easier to keep that going and they'll just give you bigger space as you need it so as your event girls just grow with the sponsors or get different sponsors because different bigger companies have bigger spaces and really the only time you really have to pay is when you have a conference size event you need a multi-day multi room kind of situation you do need a hotel accommodation and then you need to pay but even then you can get extremely cheap hotel space if you go to hotels that are like 20 minutes or 10 minutes off downtown or major business areas because it just be as you get more suburbian it just gets hotels just become cheaper now you don't probably don't want to go that far out but for most people that's not a challenge for most people it's really getting the event to be cheap five ten twenty thirty fifty hundred people that's the challenge and at those levels you can you can always get free event space.

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