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Introduction to Google Forms

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December 18, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video what we are going to do is that we will get the knowledge of the basic structure of Google form app so first of all we have over the Google Form app in order to know about that so please do make a search as google form on Google search engine and you can find the relevant search engine results at the top so first two options or you can choose any one of this when you click the first option you will get a brief overview of the Google Form app and you can just open the form app right there or else you can just start the app by choosing the second search engine result if you want you have got another option also to open the Google Form app you can open it from your Google Drive you can also open by just typing the URL which is slash forms so when you click the first search engine option then you will be landing over a website where you will you have the information regarding what you can do with Google form here it is click the option called go to Google form here in order to trigger the Google Form app so let's click that and now here we are present now on the Google Form app this is not the form creator the form creator is another place right now we are on the dashboard of Google form app what does the dashboard Neel dashboard is a place where you can get to know about the recent forms so these are the recent forms which are being displayed at the bottom you can just filter the forms whether they are created by you or by someone else so if you have a good knowledge of running Google apps then you may know that you can share any of your work such as the slide the form the spreadsheet dogs with someone else and you can allow them to edit you can apparently work on a single project even though yours presents somewhere so there are these option to change the view of the recent forms that you have created and you can also use this option to sort the forms based on when they have modified and their title here you have got a file picker it will open your Drive and it will open your drive by making a search called firms and you can find different options here at the top to know about the forms whether if someone has shared with you then you can just go to this tab and you can find the forms that have been shared with you if you just start any form then it will be available in the starred forms and the recent forms are available here and you can also upload a form right from your computer by just clicking this option okay so this was a brief information regarding recent forms and how you can just get to know about the forms that you have created previously at the top you have got different templates so let's click this pattern and here you can find the different templates what are templates templates are also formed but they have already been created so you can just open this form which is already created and publish it with your own URL and get the results saved on your drive storage so Google form will occupy your drive storage based on the responses that you get here you can just trigger any of the phone in order to make it your own you can find the different templates name as find a time contact information he should sign a party invite even registration and more so you can use any of these forms if you want but it's not good to used the forms which are already created every time because you have an idea to create a in order to meet that idea you should opt the relevant cushion types and asset types and if you just make use of any template what happens is that the template may not have the content relevant to your idea and you need to delete each and every content one by one and it's really a hectic ask and in that case it's better for you to open a blank template so this is the use of the blank template and if you have got enough knowledge regarding of google form app then it's better for you to start by opening a blank template but if you don't know about Google form it it's better for you to make use of this templates the templates not only help you to create the forms easily but they also help you to get the basic understanding of this app or Google form let's know about the main menu when you click on the main menu you have got options to move to some other apps of Google and not only that you can hit the settings option in order to change the language of this app and also if you don't want the recent templates to be displayed on the home screen then you can just uncheck this option and after changing any of the settings you have hit the ok button.

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