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Setting different answer types for questions

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December 18, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series now let's just try adding a different answer type for a particular cushion so here are the first question is which is the best heavier metal and here we have two options called gold and silver so instead of this instead of a multiple-choice answer type let us just choose a short answer as a type for this cushion and after that, you have to just click the answer key option now add a correct answer for this, I would add gold ease heavier metal so this is a right answer but you have to add as many right answers as possible the student can also try to attempt as gol de gold as an answer and he can also use uppercase letter at the beginning for G so try adding that because of both uppercase letters and lowercase letter everything is detected here so add gold starting with a lowercase also a gold, where G is in uppercase, try adding all the possible correct answers for this cushion and after that if you want to mark all other cuts as such as incorrect then just take this option of row adding all the right answers and that's it we are done creating a cushion for which an answer type is a short answer type apart from this let us also choose another answer type for a different cushion let us choose a drop-down as an answer type for this cushion which is a colas location on the earth here instead of multiple-choice we are going to select the drop-down and in the drop-down, the first option will be America and the second option will be East Antarctica so after just changing the to answer types let's just click on preview and try adding answers for this quiz so as we have enabled shuffling for this quiz hence the question this question is available at the top and all the versions are just at different places so which are the fastest animal on the land its cheetah nowhere which is the cool coldest location on earth it's East Antarctica now which is the best heavier middle, of course, I'll just type as gold and let us just click on submit and here as we have just disabled the option saying add another response it is just showing us a message saying hooray you have successfully completed the quiz when the students will just click on view score now he can view the score the first option is right east America is right and the goal is also right.

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