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Creating a form for feedback

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December 18, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series sometimes it is necessary to review the internal factors of a product instead of reviewing the complete product in the previous video we have created a form with the help of which our customer can send a review for one of our products which we have assumed it to be a vanilla ice cream but imagine a case where you want a review regarding a video that you have created on YouTube and then you can however get a basic information regarding what is lacking behind in the video from your comments and like unlike but if the comments are so many and you are unable to read all of them it will become a tough job and only a small like and a dislike will not help you understand what is wrong in the video so in that case it's better to create a form and instead of reviewing the complete video you can review the each and every factor of the video for example the sound quality that is the audio quality of your video the volume that you have added to the video while editing the video quality the engagement so various other factors like this you can just create a form and get a review regarding all these factors in that form so not only in the case of getting a review for our different factors of a video you can also use it for various other purposes so let's start with the black template and here I'll just name this form as reviewing a video so this is my YouTube channel and the YouTube channels one of the videos linked here I'll just copy this one and afro copying first of all what I will do is that I will add a video so you can add a video by search or and also by URL let me search first of all whether it's available so yeah it is available and in the case if it is not available through search you can just go to this tab called URL and paste the URL there and if your channel search engine visibility is so good then you can use this search option so just click this one click select yeah and now the video has been placed in here you can just select whether the video should be center-aligned right aligned and here he can duplicate this one and now this is a trailer I will also make this one central line okay now here let me add a cushion I will just add it as please provide a valid feedback fir okay now instead of choosing the linear type scale I will just choose this option called multiple choice crit and when I will just choose it option here we have options saying rows and columns the rows or the horizontal cells in this manner the cells will come that is called a row and this is a column that will go with the vertical cells that are laid one below the other will make a column so you better know what a row and column is and now here the rows or the factors that we want a feedback for and the columns will be the rating so first of all I will add a column saying 1 and it's not necessary for us to keep the number of columns and rows to be equal okay you can keep them equal or else you can just give them an equal here i will add different factors such as audio quality video quality and next your video engagement so you can have even more factors for which you want to get a review here now let us just preview our forum this is how the forum will be and here the YouTube video will be played and after watching the trailer they can give me a review regarding the audio quality of the video the video quality of the video and also the video engagement how engaging is the wise and things that is being said in the video so you can just they can just provide me our review regarding that one thing that you can observe here is that we can not choose more than one radio button here in a single row so this is a row for a video engagement here only one radio button which I can select to provide the reading if you have choose some other answer type I will just show that here if you just choose it the option to be it box grid so now let us preview it again the difference between the tick box grid and the multiple choice grid is that here in a single row the user can choose more than one option so again is see the difference here it this this type of answer type will also be useful especially in surveys if you're conducting surveys and want to know whether different things are present in a particular thing then you can make use of the tick box grid and after that the another thing that I want to tell you is that here can make a response in each row required or not by a bit is checking this one and here when you click this more option limit to one response per column so for example of this select this option and I will show you what it will change so let's click on preview and now if I'll just for the first option of Lists choose it to be reading - I cannot select this one because here this type of error will be displayed you can also make use of this option saying shuffle row order.

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