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Section Introduction Of Cloud Computing For Machine Learning

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July 21, 2020

Video Transcription: Hello and welcome to the very first section of this course, This video is   brought to you by our Appy Pie’s Academy okay so if you are not already familiar. I will be making section introduction  videos which will be consisting of the  overall structure of the entire section  followed by what you will be learning at  the end of the section and keeping these  videos at the beginning of each and  every section so that as you progress  ahead in the course it will be easier  for you to keep track of what will you  learn and at what instant in the course  okay so now about section number one  this section is focusing towards the  basics of cloud computing and understanding the overall infrastructure and the entire concept of cloud  computing and to give you an overall  nature of it okay so in this particular  section we will be studying what is a  cloud exactly we will be defining a cloud and we'll be thinking onto what  exactly separates a cloud from a regular  machine which you will be having in your  particular house or a machine on which you are watching this lecture right now okay so next up we will be focusing on why should we be using cloud  infrastructure.

When we are comparing it  with the local machines which are  present at your particular place then we  will focus on what is virtualization  which is the most important concept  which powers cloud technologies or  overall cloud computing then we'll focus on what a compute instance actually is  and then we will also be focusing on how  to communicate with a cloud with the  help of various network protocols and  even understand what the protocol  actually is okay so at the end of this  particular section you can expect to  understand the fundamentals of cloud  then you can understand the overall need  for cloud computing and why should  someone be considering this technology  and according to me understanding the  need of a particular topic is very  important  in order to facilitate better learning  then we you can understand the basics of  what a network protocol actually is from  the absolute fundamentals and understand  how overall communication between two  machines actually work then you can  understand the various technologies  which are powering cloud computing okay  so with that we have a lot of planned  for this particular section and let's  move on to the very first lecture.

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