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Your LinkedIn feed

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March 27, 2020

Video Transcription :  In this video let's focus on your LinkedIn feed these are the updates from the people you follow this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and of course you can follow people but you can also update your feed start a post and you're gonna add a hashtag like whatever your hashtag might be hello I am promoting XYZ and put some link there you get it I'm gonna discard this of course why is this important because on your personal profile these show up you see when I scroll just after the about area that's your that's the activity these are my actual posts things that I liked and things that I shared things that I shared are things that I actually posted just like you saw a second ago so everything you do your visitors they will see so this is not something that's hidden from the people who just are browsing your profile this is something that people can publicly see I don't even have to be logged in to LinkedIn to see it so be careful what you like and what you post I'm sure you've seen many times online today somebody gets in trouble for something they liked a long long time ago and it was maybe political or something else or in some way controversial and then it hurt their career so this is one way that you can be careful of that and make sure that everything you like and share this is LinkedIn it's for professional activity only unless your profession is in politics or religion or any controversial topic then then sure but if you're just a simple business owner in a non controversial field all your activity has to be on professional business topics not anything that can send some a wrong message to anybody but also every once in a while it's okay to post your content your links your articles your products anything that you create that actually makes does make you look good then of course that's a perfect place to post here because one you can get engagement on it and two it just reinforces your personal brand is a professional.  

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