How to make people want to take your card

How to make people want to take your card & be fascinated with you

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March 27, 2020

Video Transcription:  Let me explain to you how to make people kind of want to get your card instead of you just handing them to them right because the main mistake this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy first time entrepreneurs make is they're a little bit too eager and they let people ask them about their business and they just go blah blah blah my business is so great blah blah blah blah do this I do that I do that and I'm going to do someone who does that here's my card buy it from me when I started out this was kind of me and I see a lot of first-time entrepreneurs younger entrepreneurs very kind of like this maybe not as bad as that example that I gave because the example I gave was a little bit extreme but see if that resembles your approach a little bit because really I know all I want to do is sell all you wanna do is sell you're in business but we have to have a little bit more nuance to our approach here is a better way so the person you were talking to let's say you're in a networking event guess what they're going to talk to 10 or 20 people just like you and those people are gonna be kind of close to what you do right blah blah blah me me me me me me me me me and that person doesn't care because they're thinking me me me me me so let's change it up a little bit here's how you should have a conversation first ask people remember the body language first you come to the conversation right positive eye contact warm smile handshake name introduction the energy level was pretty good already right it should be so and then you start you know you ask people if it's a networking event you ask them what they do because that's it's such a common thing generally asking people where what do you do where you're from is very boring because everybody asks that and the people you ask already are very bored of answering this question because they've been like thousands of times they've been answering that question the same way so sometimes you want to ask in more unique ways how they spend most of your time what are your favorite thing to do if you're in a networking event and you kind of stuck with what do you do and that's fine you can also say what brings you to this event how did you enjoy the presentation you know blah blah blah maybe whatever the event is try to change up the question and they'll kind of tell you why they're there what they're looking for you know what brought them to the event and it will get into what they do okay and you want to listen attentively and what you want to do is ask them for good follow-up questions that have a purpose and the purpose is you want to seem intelligent by asking unique questions right not the same stuff that everybody asks because most of the time you will ask people what do you do they will say XYZ and what do you say oh that's cool don't don't write that that's a bad way to have a conversation or Oh awesome you're a programmer awesome you are this job awesome don't do that what you want to do instead is ask good follow-on questions that raise positive emotions because when they start to have positive emotions they start to associate subconsciously those emotions with you so for example you have to ask questions that almost always lead to an emotionally positive answer and and they're not fact-based that are more like if possible will lead to emotional answers for example so you ask people what do you do the person says I'm a software engineer and you would ask them maybe so what is the best part of your day what makes your what makes your what makes you happiest at work okay and if they're really passionate about their work maybe they will actually open up and start saying you know I really love it when like I do this thing and like finally you know after months of like work we launch and people use my product and I am able to put my product in front of me in front of thousands of millions of people right and then they light up hopefully sometimes they might give an answer or you know whatever large my favorite part of the day's lunch but but some people they really will open up right and you can ask more questions right so tell me about what happens during lunch like do your customers give you feedback you know have you had any like super successful customers so you can ask follow-up questions right and what happens is you build a lot of rapport a lot of positive emotions in a very short time that mind you this will not happen with this person almost any time that evening most of the other people will ask them boring questions do not really care about what they do and say oh that's cool whatever you know but think they're dope but you will have this amazing exchange and this person would be like wow I'm talking to this cool guy or girl I wonder what they do and when they are done with their whole talking about what they do they would be curious about what you do and by the way you might also enter to help them if you can you might offer to connect them with somebody else who might be able to help them if they can so there's things extra things you can do but eventually they'll ask you what you do right now this is so much better place for you to promote whatever you're promoting then if you had started with it okay if you had started with you you're like a regular guy like they don't care about you what you do just like you don't really care what they do right but now you build a really nice connection you know you've kind of built these positive emotions and you can uh you know they actually care a little bit they want to know about you because they've you develop a relationship a little bit okay and this is where you can tell them about what you do using one of two pitches you can either use like the very basic like 30-second pitch or if you feel like they might be a potential good a good potential customer you can dive into a more sales e pitch okay and in the next lecture I'll explain to you how to do the more sales e pitch right because now they care now they're going to listen now they want to take your card they want to engage and this is where you gotta start and close your sale if that's possible 

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