How do you connect with people of 500+ connections on LinkedIn

Five hundred contacts and managing your connection requests

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March 27, 2020

Video Transcription :  In this video let's talk about the importance of the 500 plus connections on LinkedIn this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy most people who don't have a premium LinkedIn account that's all they see 500 plus if you have less than that it doesn't make your account look very good so what you have to do is first of all before you get to the 500 connection point I would just add everybody who sends you a contact request even if you don't know them and when you start out you might actually want to send out contact requests to anybody in your network and you can actually browse additional people and see who you might want to network with in your industry and I'll show you what's going on on my profile when you click on my network you see that actually a lot of people are sending me contact invites all the time I don't know them for example this person you killed on I don't know him I'm just gonna say yes and there's a lot of a lot more people might be sending me contact requests I get a few of them every day just because I have somewhat of a prominent online profile so some people want a network with me I don't know them some of them send me a message some of them like this person some of them send me no message I'm still gonna accept just because one they might want to send me a message after they become contacts that's one but more importantly even if I never actually talk to them when I post updates on my LinkedIn feed all my contacts see them and there's a chance that these new contacts will see my posts and my click on it might buy something for me so in a way they're subscribing to get my updates so I'm just increasing my marketing reach now some of these people will try to sell me something relatively often I get pictures by like these new marketing agencies and SEO marketing agency and they just say hey we want to promote your site basically they're kind of spamming me trying to sell me stuff so that's kind of the risk is that you're gonna get spammed by some of these guys but not too much they send them one message two messages you ignore them and they never write to you again really so when you get to over five 100 connections you don't have to grow your connections as much although the more you grow them the more people you can promote things to long term but especially if you have fewer than 500 you really want to make sure that you have 500 so that's listed on your profile publicly so that everybody can see because it doesn't look really good if you have under 500 connections on your LinkedIn profile so let's say it's pretty straight forward or how to manage your connection number and what the different strategies.  

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