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March 27, 2020

Video Transcription : Now that we're going to cover what are the elements on your business card that you should add there this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy so there's a lot of information you can add like your name your phone number your email your social media your Twitter your Facebook your LinkedIn your link to your blog link to your website your picture right there there's so many things you can't add at all or it's gonna make your business card explode it's gonna be too much and if it's too much it's gonna be bad because it's like it's gonna be confusing and it's gonna be cluttered and mess so always, of course, you should add your name no question about it of course the next thing you should have your email the next thing you should have what's called a catchphrase is kind of important for me sometimes a simple catchphrase is like let's say founder of my web my business of problem you or whatever right or maybe I can have a better catchphrase let's say if I'm perfect if I'm having is I'm doing a professional business card marketing sort of and networking I'm gonna have multiple kinds of business cards printed and they're all gonna press L me in a different way depending on who I'm talking to and what I'm branding right so let's say I'm talking to a potential sales client who might they're an older person they are interested in business I can sell them my books because other people generally I don't want to stereotype but ginger demographically it's basically known that all the people are they read more younger people they do apps so it's not like I'm stereotyping these are actual statistics there are the statistics behind my statements I don't want to offend anyone but basically if I see that there are an older person typically they're more likely to have money typically they're more likely to read and typically they are more likely to buy services like coaching where young people less likely to do that so if they're an old older person and in my conversation with them I get a sense that they might appreciate these things I read with I give them the business card that might be like that my headline there my catchphrase might be three times Amazon best-selling author which will immediately be an all the people that's an impressive thing to that that really impresses them and boom immediately stand out and or you can do like you know or your whatever your catchphrase is mind can also be like a business coach with who's helped over a thousand people or anything that really helps you stand out and did so they will know what to buy from you right or if let's say you're a great marketer you wanna your consultant then you say you know fund like a world-class marketer or s you great best SEO can you know marketer you know something not you shouldn't say like best SEO marketer that's a bad example but something like that so that they know what to get from you they know what value you offer immediately okay it kind of gets their mind to it to the top of the set of your sales funnel right it's the beginning of how you try to sell them things so the catchphrase is very important so so far we have your name your catchphrase your email phone number on the card is kind of like our but some time for many businesses it's still necessary I actually don't add it anymore because I don't actually want people to call me at random times because why don't they just email me or something like that right but that's just unique from my own preference and my own situation years ago a phone number will be automatically she would add it now you will give it a second thought maybe you also want to add social media URLs right but at the same time if your business isn't exactly social media why are you really you know you it's fine to add your Twitter handle or your LinkedIn or but you know in a sense you most people add their social media URLs but what I like to do is actually have less sort of URLs and maybe have one URL where it's a top of a sales funnel so maybe like your website which has some offering and depending on what you think that person will buy you give them a bad card which has that website with the offering right usually like people might carry one or two business cards they might have created one or two kinds of business cards for different things that they sell in many cases it can be like three or four right because you want to if yours if you're trying to sell with it you it makes a huge difference what kind of thing you're selling them so if they like one thing sell them that thing if they like another thing don't sell them things they don't like tell them what they're comfortable consuming this is key you don't want to sell or promote people things to people in that they don't necessarily like they should be no convincing they should be like oh you like this thing I've got that that will increase your sales and engagement conversion many folds right this is really one of the keys because most people make the mistake of just having it's not a mistake but if you really promote your business and yourself with business cards a more professional approach is to identify a couple of very key sales funnels for you and have business cards created that leave people right to those funnels this is why it's also optional to have your social media URLs unless you're me unless your business is social media like unless you are a social media marketing unless you have a big youtube channel but if it's not too related why confuse the car give them your maybe your LinkedIn to follow you may be your Twitter whichever you prefer but I'd not focus on it I will instead focus on a link to your offering and if you don't necessarily have an offering maybe just your website or at least somewhere where they can somehow engage with your business that's my preference okay because if you're not working with them if you're just networking doesn't matter how they contact your email is fine you will follow up but if you're selling something you wanna sell sends them to the top of your sales funnel and I mean let's be honest here who are beginning, of course, you want to sell something you're in business why else would you be watching this you're trying to promote your business right so you try to promote your business identify your sales funnels make the cards that's send the right people to the right sales funnels it will really help you be far more successful most people don't do what I'm explaining that you should do but if you do when I'm explaining here you will see a really big difference in how your business card marketing performs for you right you want to sell things to people who need those things and be ready for that with your business cards.

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