What Are Your Goals for Starting a Business

Your business goals

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February 14, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's continue from our business idea generation worksheet I've actually gone ahead and just like I asked you to list five different huge industries I did something like this for example I have a background and working in technology and education and technology I have a business that's already on top of the business marketing and entrepreneurship niche so I know those fields really well professionally but I would love to get into arts or music and philosophy has been my like lifelong passion so those are five places where I will be either happy or content moving forward in those are good industries for me now let's match those industries with the next step your goals this is not going to be like the traditional goal-setting whole theme in productivity this is just goals that you want for your business so what we're going to do is I'm gonna assign for you to create five goals for yourself and I've gone ahead and I've created five goals that I thought of for myself so I would want to make like for my next business if I started it I'd want a billion dollar opportunity I just I don't want or like a multi million I want something really big because I currently have a successful business so I don't need to stop this business unless I get into some next-level stuff if you have don't have a already successful successful business then the second bullet point might be something close to you a lot of people need to just have their business have them pay the bills and sustain them at a middle-class salary level and have no boss that that's really common. It's still actually common for me but I've just moved a little level up so that this might be a goal one of the goals for you you can borrow us on my mind goals some of my goals are silly like if you like animals or you know you want to help certain communities certain groups help kittens you see number four he want to make some sort of an impact okay that's great like you'll be really passionate about it surely the global political ethical or even environmental because they think almost everyone no matter what their political views are can see the you know the environment being changed and for next generations we really need to do what we can to help the environment anyway I don't want to get into ideological debates here this is purely a business course so what I want to do is just give examples of the types of goals that you can list for yourself in when you fill out these that I'm highlighting and these are just mine and the other thing you can do is if you won't always have a passion for photography and you just want to be in photography or you want to be around food or you wanna be around travel or you know you what you love weddings you're passionate about weddings and you love it make your goal to be around that exercise for this video now right create five goals that you want for yourself and we're gonna mix and match eventually the goals the niche the industry all that stuff but we gotta get one at a time written down so that we can mix and match effectively now let's go back now let's go to the next video.

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