How To Write A Simple Business Plan Today

Combining Industry and goals for unique & personalized business idea beginnings

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February 14, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we're gonna continue building on your business idea from the business idea generation worksheet and what I want to already point you to is to show you how quickly the idea is coming together because what's going to happen is the combination of the industries and your goals will make your idea unique because the main problem everyone runs into is if they pick a big industry and they say I want to be in travel or they say I want to be in technology it's too big and too competitive so what we were doing and I'm I was kind of thinking ahead for you anyway but we're ending up is we're ending we're ending up with your unique twist on the idea and we're gonna go through a few more iterations of this but I want to show you how it's already coming together and we're gonna do that by combining your industry and the goal and I've got some examples for you and I'd like you to actually do this for yourself as well and you have a few industries and a few goals so you can kind of play with these and see one of the common interests people have is travel so I'm going to do that and I'm going and you can say I'm go I want to be in travel industry okay I'll even make that a little bit easier in the travel industry in the travel industry and pursue photography or it be you know find exotic places or learning about different cultures or different foods or playing something really unique maybe playing how seeing how different cultures cultures approach sports right that's pretty unique I mean few people have that idea so if you we're taking your unique interests and imprinting them on where you want to be what you want to do so we're tapping into your passion at the same time as differentiating and making sure that your idea is unique so and the uniqueness is going to help you stand out it's gonna help you get attention and it's going to help you have less competitors so it's really helpful and it's gonna really help you to enter that question you know people always ask you what's your niche and you have an amazing niche because it's so personalized and on point so you can you know travel and help people help businesses around the world and bring technology globally you can do all sorts of things that's the example of travel let's do a slightly different one and if you want to say I want to be in the technology industry and tech and pursue artificial intelligence. This is so different than travel I try to pick really really different examples so that you get different ideas of course it's impossible for me to go over every possible example that so I don't know what your idea is but you just see the range that it could be anything and what can you do with technology and artificial intelligence obviously it's high tech so you can make robots that are servants for people and you can you know by adding free labor right the robot or smart software it's kind of like free labor makes things productive you can add equality to certain communities that maybe don't have enough servants or labor that's my that might be what your goal might be and if you do that globally you know in a big enough scale that's a big business there or you know this is a this is of course this is a joke because artificial intelligences that's the problem one problem is artificial artificial intelligence with artificial intelligence is that when people when the robots will become smarter than people they won't need people anymore and they'll kill off the people that's kind of like the running joke or one of the jokes in artificial intelligence so I've got you know killing off the human kind I'm sure that's not your goal and I'm sure that's also not that I'm also not serious about that I just put that there as a joke I'm gonna remove that but you can make you know getting back to serious examples make smart software for diet and health right helping people with their fitness and all this and their diet and understanding when do you wear and have maybe maybe creating a super super smart companion for people that will tell them the only that it is wear then you can make games that are more fun or you can be like maybe your goal is to become the billionaire next Steve Jobs of artificial intelligence where you really really really do something extraordinary and breakthrough and be remembered and have a legacy that level success so you see you can really go different ways in this and in the next video I'm gonna show you how to add another dimension to this and that's demographic and psychographics but for this video you see just combine the two the industry and what you want to do in it and your goals and you see you already are getting a lot of unique ideas generated by the combinations of them.

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