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How to get paid expert feedback

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February 14, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's talk about a few paid or very difficult places to get feedback first let's talk about the paid options and that is hiring coaches and hiring experts what you want to look for in a coach or export is that they have deep expertise in specifically the area that you are starting your business in the first place to go is something called clarity FM this is a place where you can hire experts and pay them permanent to get on a phone call with you other options are freelancing sites like Fiverr calm or up work on where a lot of the experts there a lot of the freelancers they might have some expertise in your field and instead of actually hiring them directly for their work maybe hire them for 30 minutes or now or two hours just to talk to them and get their feedback it costs a little bit but you might find people who will be readily available for you just because you're paying them and it's not that much at the end of the day also you can search Google for mastermind groups for your subject area for your idea and see if you can find any usually you can find anywhere ask around in social media and people might point you in the right direction now there's another option of getting mentors mentors are free the other options I mentioned so far are paid options the mentors it's really hard to get to work with them because you need to build a relationship with them first because good mentors are great experts typically and that means they have a lot of people bugging them and asking them for help and advice so what that means for you is you have to stand out and they have to be interested in donating their time to you so that's really difficult usually you have to be self driven motivated but not somebody who says I'm motivated and doesn't do anything. You have to be the exact opposite of that which is what I call take an inch and go a mile with that right they give you a tiny bit of advice you take that you run with it you do something with it you show them results on you and they're like wow you took my advice and you really went far here's some more advice and then here's some more advice and that's how you build that mentor relationship and then they like you because they get rewarded because experienced business people like to help you businesspeople but the problem with the new businesspeople is just take they take and they don't give back and it's not that rewarding and then they quit early so as long as you're a go-getter like self driven independent and consistently go further and further it's actually intellectually stimulating for a lot of experienced businesspeople to be helping you and they get a kick out of it because they feel rewarded because they're helping you so that's how you can position yourself to be more likely to get a mentor but even if you don't there are some paid options for how to get a lot of great feedback.

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