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How to come up with physical product ideas

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February 14, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to introduce you to some ideas for how to create physical products that you can touch and feel and all that so first let's go through some ideas and then we'll go through some exercises and creative stuff so some very basic things you can do or listed here so for example let's say you know starter kits for like you know presenting like if you're a cheese fan right like I used to know this guy who was like a really into cheese and so he created starter kits for other people who were into Jesus so they could be like cheese knives or cheese plates or cheese like menus or you know even he would tend maybe the cheese's I don't know but he basically was thinking of creating cheese starter kits I don't nothing about cheese based other than really just eating it but so I'm not a good person to talk deeply into it but you can see for any hobby you have for people who want to get started in it you can create starter kits the beautiful thing about starter kits is that as a whole you can charge more than the individual parts and you don't have to actually create any of the product you can just buy the products individually package them up nicely and boom you have your kit now next is decorating existing products for taking really boring old household items making them pretty and fun now other idea is products replacing common motions for example like that idea of the sock folder you know maybe there is some contraption. You can make or you know that dog toy that throw picks up and throws a tennis ball I mean that thing is super awesome and now whoever came up with that is like a genius and then now everybody's got it so it's a billion dollar idea and it's very very simple plastic thing now there's also 3d printing at home so you can you know 3d printing is basically most people have already heard of it it's you buy like a printer that can print physical things not paper nothing's on paper but items out of various forms of plastic and some toxics I'm not toxic I'm sure but you can print anything now from home and anything you couldn't create before like a vase now a trick now you can create a vase now you can create another thing another thing so they different complexity and combinations of materials you'd have to research 3d printing but it's possible so you can create a lot of stuff now now what are your skills right because these are just some ideas that I came up with but you really need to tap into your skills you have your list of skills here that I came up with that you that people usually have that you know working they're categorized as like working with your hands sadly for me I know like none of these but I think it's just me because I have two left hands but maybe for other people this hits and for you what is it that you know how to do with your hands. What is it that what kind of skill do you have maybe also you're good at designing that's another thing you can design pretty things and then you can print them on top of physical things you can outsource the actual printing you just need to provide the design so that and just try to here's a little you know on this worksheet add your skills and if for if you're like me and this is sad like like I have like zero skills that like Isaiah was making this I realized I have zero skills and a sad moment over here anyway so I I'm like I thought of a deeper I'm like okay what skill do I want to learn and I'm like I wanna get to become better playing guitar and I'm like I gotta make it more convenient for myself I'm like I wish there was an uber for music teachers I wish I could just hire someone to come here would be so easy I don't know if there is but I don't know one and then I'm thinking what else do I like to do when I'm relaxing and I like to check geek out on like puzzles or chess something that like him you know stimulates my mind a little bit and I'm like hmm well instead of playing chess or playing you know solving puzzles maybe I can work on creating a puzzle because that's it a bigger puzzle than solving a puzzle is creating a puzzle and maybe puzzle games that leads to puzzle game ideas so something like that try to try to work through these kinds of thought processes and see if you stumble on any physical product idea.

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