Your Role As a Parent - Theory

Your role as a parent: Theory of 1 vs 2

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August 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Very quickly I want to explain the concept of the number one and the number two in a business usually this is described in a leadership team or a co-founding team maybe you want your child to have all the ownership and you don't want any but still because you're going to be supporting them in some way at least your relationship will resemble a one versus two relationship to some degree let me tell you what that is this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy so the number one is usually the create creative person the leadership person the idea person sometimes this is also a person who is unorganized and all over the place and wants to do a million things sounds like a child right sounds like a child who has to have fun and so has to have it has to explore their ideas and explore whether they're interested in things or not this is a very explorative curious position this is for your child number two the organizer this is maybe you can think of that as the CEO or the person who does all the boring things doesn't get any of the credit but that's the very important things because every creative person who's all over the place needs an organized person who can help them along and take care of like their messes in a way right and it's perfect if these skills are in the same person as an adult it's a deal if the founder can be both creative but then can also taper themselves right and know when to stop and know when to get focused for a child it's very hard so you're the person who is going to have the job of the organizer you're gonna be the one who if let's say for example they figure out a product to post on Etsy and they can make the product then maybe if they're not having fun posting the product on Etsy then you do that part okay whatever maybe something has to be figured out you do that part if taxes ever come into picture you figure that part out if you never need to create a corporate structure you figure out that part if there's some any legal issue ever you figure out that part if there's any planning and you organizing any let's say there's an event happening you figure out the logistics all those things so that your child can actually do the fun part of the business and that's the relationship between 1:00 and 2:00 okay you're gonna be the two you're gonna be the doing the boring things sorry but number two is equally important number two is not to say that that person is not important that person is extremely important because number one just is all over the place then there's no business there's just ideas and crazy attempts but the real value of the number one and number two relationship which is what you and your child are going to have is the balance of the creativity leadership and ideas of your child and also you helping it flourish by making things organized for them.

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