Understanding Your Child's Personality

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August 03, 2020

Video Transcription: If your child has a big personality or a talent like singing dancing whatever this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy then there are businesses that get attention that are very available in today's environment and they are kind of like YouTube Instagram social media businesses they are fun for your child they are actually boring behind the scenes it's very nerdy behind the scenes because there's a lot of promotion even in videos there's like editing and there's different equipment and that's the kind of stuff that creative people hate to deal with and it's gonna be your job to support your child and maybe help them understand the microphones the filming the cameras if it's video or if it's just photos all the little things like that means some of some kids figure this stuff out on their iPhone for many people it's a challenge and same issue with the marketing I mean if it's something on YouTube you're doing I mean you're gonna have to promote it and post it on forums and somehow get the initial views for it or somehow put some money into running ads just to get that little bit of initial exposure so it's not fun for you this business but it's interesting for your child and it lets them explore their creative side to the fullest now about that in your safe home environment they're gonna be okay as soon as they are out and putting things on YouTube or Instagram there's a lot of really weird people out there especially people who are judgmental of other people who are creative and the more your child is creative the more they're gonna have weirdo and mean critics who are maybe other 10 year olds but online you have no idea okay so it'd be this business has a negative part of it which is it can be once you put something out there as a creative person you get negative feedback it can be very hurtful and it's important to shield your child from that you know and it's not something that you can stop you can't control the internet but you can talk to them about it and make sure that they are psychologically and emotionally prepared and ready and see you know explore this slowly so that they don't get a bunch of weirdos or even worse like a lot of peers who are mean to them and I this is of course a case-by-case basis because I don't know what your child will do I don't know if they're gonna sing or if they're gonna dance or if they're gonna tell you know bad jokes who knows but it's really important that you are kind of there and overseeing it and just getting them ready there's a lot you know in creative things there's a lot of rejection there's a lot of negative things that come to it alongside the you don't you know quote unquote fame and the other problem with it is that your child other than exploring their creative side.

There's not a lot of skills that you learn but there's a lot of kind of like this self focus which is something that the current society perpetuates in young people so you want to also be careful that your child doesn't get cleared away of like this whole me  I'm the star so you've gonna have to find a way to mitigate that again because I don't know what it is that your child will do it's really hard for me to sit here and suggest a particular technique for how to mitigate it but it's really important for you to be very mindful of it and for you it's one thing to do to help your child along is try to think through some of the business planning of this for example what will be the format will it be weekly will it be video will it be audio will it be pictures how often and should there be like co-stars or that are they the only star and you know how to make it better so whenever you're creating anything we're all essentially amateurs when we're creating things for the internet and there's levels of being amateur and we're never quite professional because professional level of creation like you see on TV or music videos like you know that back in the day there were MTV.

I mean there are like professional teams of people working on them so not just one person so a home-based such business will never be perfect and it's your job to kindly find flaws in the production and work with your child on it to improve it so it may be that if they're singing maybe the instruments needs to be better with the instrumental part needs to be better maybe the microphones need to be better maybe the song itself has to be a little bit tightened up and what your job will be is to get them the right kind of coaching the right kind of training if you can help them along with advice that's also great but your job is essentially to see where the weak points are and help them find a way to improve it so they can become more and more a chi quality content producer online which will really help them further explore their potential explore in whatever their creative side is.

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