How to Teach Your Kid to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Real reasons to teach your child entrepreneurship

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August 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's go over reasons why you should help your kid start a business and most people think they should earn money right well not so right this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy money for kids is a little bit like putting the carriage before the horse everyone asks how much money can I make with this business and let me tell you right now you can take the simplest ideas which we will do later in this course and I'll show you literally the path to make them million multi-million dollar businesses that's those strategies they are not the hard part the hard part is to mould whoever's the entrepreneur whether it's an adult whether it's your child to mold them into a professional enough individual who can create that business that multi-million dollar business out of a little idea that's the real value here so the real reasons to start you a kid a business with your kid are of course you want them to learn to earn things instead of asking for things when they ask you can you buy me the next video game can you buy me a bicycle you can buy them stuff and then you can learn that you can teach which teaches them nothing that asking begging give you know gets results or you can make them earn it you can say if you earn the four hundred dollars through work or something like that you can have the item you want of course starting a business with your child helps them explore passions and interests that they can then take further on their own you will also have a chance to bond with your child which is invaluable and of course the time you spend with them will keep them positively occupied but for Entrepreneurship specifically there is a set of skills and I'm gonna show you it's a long list of skills I'm gonna show them to you in the next video that are what I call success skills and those skills are the ones that determine success entrepreneur for example you can take a very simple business dog walking business do you know that some people adults even they struggle to make ends meet with the dog walking business while other adults have multi-million dollar dog walking agencies why what's the difference I'll tell you what the differences of course one thing one person is thinking bigger but the person who has the bigger agency is more organized more it you know he's able to manage things better is able to accomplish more tasks they're able to be more productive they're able to do more marketing better marketing things like that so these are really life skills that your child will take for the next grade that they go to for their college for their high school for their career all these productivity skills will help your child accomplish more and to higher quality which if they're a child or a teenager they're gonna take that in you know in school they're gonna get better grades get into better college it's gonna have real immediate results not just in this business which is totally fine but also in their school education college career and eventually maybe when they're adult they're gonna take these skills that they've had time to hone in on they've time to put they had time to perfect because they started so young and there will be exceptional these skills so in the next video I want to walk you through success skills to show you what it really will take for a tan individual to become a very competent professional who stands out in and does everything better than their peers so let's explore that in the next video.

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