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Teaching Ecommerce to your child

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August 03, 2020

Video Transcription: One very simple business to start is to sell things online this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and this is kind of we're getting into the skills of tomorrow because skills like lawn care lawn mowing you know they only teach so much right so we need to tackle the skills learn the skills of today and tomorrow and so it's e-commerce and the easiest way to start is of course selling things around the home or neighbors junk or anything else on ebay on online sites on facebook groups there's a lot of things you can do like that but pretty soon you obviously run out of things to sell it's not a problem to run out of things to sell because you can start going you know further neighbors you're going around to do you know to look at things in different garage sales over the weekend and this is something you can do with your child so it's a little bit of bonding and again it's a business that you can literally start overnight it's very very simple business to do but it really only goes so far and the beautiful thing about this business is if it teaches your child to um be comfortable selling online once they are comfortable selling online you have a lot of things that open up options really open up and you can start thinking of your own products to create and you also are going to begin teaching your child about inventory management because there's another that's another dimension of many kinds of businesses you have products what if they don't sell like you might get a lot of junk and it's exciting to try to sell it on ebay but if it overflows your garage okay you've made some mistakes and those are good to learn so you learn about inventory management but the really important things is to thinking of your own products to create you see how this is almost like a like a easy transition here we're teaching your child to easily sell things online be comfortable with the options know what to sell where and just gain confidence in that and once they have confidence in that they'll need more products to sell and e-commerce businesses are amazing because if you have many of the same kind of product to sell you can sell at scale meaning this can become from a side income business it can go to a full time business making full-time money and the idea behind that is of course you need to good you need to understand you need to find a good product to sell and that is not easy so you can think of products you can either create or outsource for example i don't know what your child would like you know likes to do and so your job is to kind of try to see what they're into are they good at you know maybe are they good with their hands if they are maybe they paint they decorate existing items so they don't have to create new items let's say they take a boring old item and they just decorate it for example a tree house okay but what if you make take an existing boring looking you know wooden tree house and decorate it beautifully and then resell that for like twice the value right because now it's a pretty one with a nice design so you can have a take on something that's current and boring or completely new or something in between whatever you know if your child is creative like that then that's something to explore and you have a whole marketplace like etsy it's perfect for it.

If let's say you just want to be able to create things at home and you want to explore technology 3d printing is an interesting place to interesting business area to explore you're able to literally create products with a 3d printer and then sell them online you can't create every any kind of product but you can create many types of products without actually having to be handy for example myself i'm not good with my hands so i would dread that kind of a business but i like the kind of a business for 3d printing i can press a button and the product comes out if you don't want to deal with 3d printers or don't want to invest in a 3d printer because that can be expensive there is a website you might have heard of alibaba where you can buy a lot of inventory but aliexpress is drop shipping so you don't have to invest in inventory and you can choose a lot of you know products that are made in china.

Typically they're not high quality products but they're good starter products and another fantastic place to look for what kind of products you might sell is think of your child's school work for example when i was like in sixth or seventh grade they taught us how to create little uh like uh pottery things and decorate pottery and work with clay and i was never great at it but i would make i made some things and once you're able to make things and literally in school your child learns to make collages uh pottery things they learn to do a lot of stuff and many many of the grades they learn to actually make things with their hands of course every school is this every school is different but many schools have that and you can literally ask them what are you making and you're probably aware of what they're making because they're bringing it home and showing it to you and then you're like okay let's try to sell this let's try to sell that let's try to sell this and so immediately you have more of a reason to you know for your child to take interest in creating things with their hands they're going to take an interest of making it better exploring that art further because they know it's actually it actually has a practical use so they're going to be better at whatever they're studying because they'll have more incentive and you'll immediately have a product to sell and if you eventually hit on the right product category you can make this into a sizable business with eCommerce.

e-commerce is one of the best and most lasting business models online because it's transactional you sell one product you get money immediately there's no waiting there's no ads to serve so e-commerce is actually a really good business to get into and it has lasting power because as you know as long as commerce is going on which is you know since man invented you know products uh commerce has been happening so this is not going away and you're just tapping into something existing and very financially powerful.

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