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Important professional skills for your child

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August 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Now in this video I want to walk you through a list of success fields that professionals master this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy in no individual really masters everything but essentially the more and better you master these the better you perform at every at everything that you do for example if something is like as simple as procrastination is plaguing you then the more you can fix that the better if you can manage your time you can work on more things if you're smarter at prioritizing you'll work at more important things if you're organized you'll just do better work if your focus is tremendously important focus is the second to second focus how strong can you maintain your focus and that has a very direct correlation to the quality of the work you produce right if you get distracted you create less lower quality work but also focus is your decision making of what tasks are most important has to do it has to do with prioritization self-discipline success building successful habits motivation right so all and these are just very you know like one-off things but if imagine if a person really masters many of them and there are also professional skills like meeting productivity right you got time you have with your child for example you don't have forever to discuss everything so what you have to do is the things you discuss you have to figure out okay what are we discussing what's the most important how do we in a time that we have that we both don't get bored or don't get hired how do we figure out how to get to an end result or a plan for the next steps leadership skills right if your child will manage you or manage their friends they'll have to learn leadership and management skills and tasks Legation all these things there's also like things like logic and logical fallacies and good judgment and decision making problem solving you see it's endless even things that maybe are a little bit Advanced for kids emotional intelligence like IQ is very common but I think people also know emotional intelligence right and so these are really important lifetime skills that people can take to their career but also personal life also learning to get help coaching mentoring even things like health this is not necessarily for kids but yeah you know if your kid gets enough sleep the next day they'll be more productive whether they want it or not and their mood will be better right and if they exercise their mood will also be better all those things you see this is just an idea for you for when you think about your child what are the specific things that you would like your child either to become better in in which they are already good or to start because at least being aware of like time management kids are all over the place and if you just teach them a little bit of time management if they're maybe ten or seven or eleven then guess what it's gonna kind of stay in their mind by the time they're sixteen whether they like it or not they're gonna kind of keep thinking in the back of their mind they're gonna use those principles and by the time that they're sixteen or by the time that they're adult they are gonna be so aware of time management they're gonna be so aware of focus prioritization discipline that is going to become subconscious for them they won't even really know that they're practicing these skills because you're gonna instill it in them early and so for you what you're going to do as we go through this course you're gonna go through this list carefully and think which skills do I want to teach my kid because the next videos not necessarily the very next videos but the upcoming videos are going to explore different business ideas and different business ideas teach different skills some require or organization some require creativity some require managing a team a little bit of delegation all these things no business teaches everything in fact you can't teach everything at once otherwise it will be a disaster but there are a few things that you should take that are really important that you feel like wow my child would really benefit from this and then you kind of would guide them into available business ideas and we'll go over them soon that really fit and gonna teach the skills that you want them to learn so there is going to be a little bit of strategy on your part in choosing these skills and presenting them to your child in a complete business that they can execute.

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