How to Find Best Coding Programs for Kids

Coding for kids

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August 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to talk about a very popular business and career skill for kids and that is learning how to code making programs or making apps or making fun websites this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and it's not that fun to actually code the website but it can be made to be fun there's many websites that teach kids programming one example here is the stinker calm and again it's something you can guide your child into or you can pick us a cool project a little cool app or a cool little games you can make on your own and it's really easy to make the small games like little puzzle games for the phone they're they're really simple you can even buy and edit soft software code so you don't have to write anything from scratch or if you want to write something from scratch and if you want to get into your second and third app there is more complicated there's a fantastic website Stack Overflow calm and I've built apps before and it literally could not have done it without this site it's a community of programmers who for free answer each other's questions and help each other it's a community and there's a lot of really high level experts so if you have beginner questions that you will if you're doing a new app with it your kid people here will answer your questions right away and will help you be get sort of unstuck if you're stuck in the worst part about being about programming is when you are stuck and when you can't figure anything out and this is where you're going to get the help also what might help along is surely in your kids school.

There are some tech core programming clubs if there aren't you can sort of help them get started with it maybe they can lead one and start one and if you really feel like you want to pursue this but don't feel the confidence you can hire a coach you can hire a coach online or you can hire a coach maybe locally who's just a programmer who is sociable enough to maybe come in for an hour a week and in coach you these kinds of coaches locally maybe in the United States they might range from fifty to hundred fifty dollars an hour if that's pricey a cheap per option might be to hire a overseas freelancer too instead of program the app for you to coach you over Skype and guide you along so that your project that you choose will keep on moving forward and you'll be able to launch your app or website so these are some interesting ideas to easily without too much frustration get your kid into being a tech nerd which is a very lucrative kind of a thing to be these days.

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