How parents should approach Age appropriate businesses

Age appropriate businesses and how parents should approach them

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August 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about age-appropriate businesses and age-appropriate approaches and when we talk about age oh my god they grow up so fast don't they just kidding this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy well when they are younger and by the way this is taken from experience practical experiences from my practice not some kind of a you know child child rearing a journal about psychology this is more for my practice and I don't work with younger kids I work with their parents who work with them so with them it's different because basically just work with their hands and the kids are essentially an open book a sponge they just want to learn and any success is great and any money is great that's just how that is they're very happy to learn this now that the challenges really arise with older kids in my experience and I do work with them directly and when I say older kids it's almost high school and also earth college as well and even a little bit after college those you know they become those Millennials whatever they are so there's a couple of things that many of them have in common almost all of them right away ask how much money can I make and this is not my favorite question because I'd rather have them ask more intelligent questions like you know can I pursue a passion or what's a good industry to get into or what are the issues about a certain industry.

Those are much more interesting kinds of questions but I often have to sort of work back with them and say you know business is not overnight at least most businesses are not overnight there's a lot of hard work Bob blah blah blah blah so he's just a half they need an explanation that like hey there's a holistic long-term approach it's not overnight and they need to be explained that you need to get into the right niche the right industry all the fundamentals they really need to get it the other you think that older teens in college students really have in common as they wanna the good thing about them is that you know generally seem to have good hearts and they want to improve the world the main issue with that is that a business must first and foremost be financially self-sustaining if it isn't you can't improve the world the business is gonna die so first the business has to have some product it makes some money that it makes in some way and then once it's financially self-sustaining only then the founder of the business can have the freedom to use the business as a as a platform to make the world or the community a better place in whatever they want to do so there's a lot of in the team businesses there's a lot of this you know putting the carriage in front of the horse how much money can I make how can I improve the world and by the way what was my business again so I think you know the business fundamentals have to come first and that's what I would I find really common with dealing with older teenagers the other issue is that they don't accept parental advice as much they're more rebellious it's just that time of the light that time of life for them sometimes they get over this phase sometimes.

They don't get over this phase but as their parents have to understand that and the solutions to this are that the children who don't who stopped valuing and respecting and having the patience for their parents advice still often retain all those things for their grandparents not all children but many people just have different relationships with their parents and their grandparents and so it may be the situation is that you don't have to start the business with your child yourself but maybe your grandparents can do something creative with your children that teaches them the same values that you wanted them to learn and other children seem to older children seem to value advice from other experts so in that case they're welcome to use the messaging system in you know on this side to contact me and get a second opinion from me get advice from me that's why I'm here they you know if there's any time that another opinion is needed you everybody's welcome to reach out to me with questions so those are some of your things to think through when you know dealing with children of different ages especially older children they have a lot more unique challenges and so those are things to think about.

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