Exercise to start the course

Exercise to start the course

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August 03, 2020

Video Transcription: As you work through this course I'd like you to fill out this sheet and you can fill it out now before you start this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and as every video in the course goes on you will edit your answers for the sheet wherever it's appropriate for example in the beginning you know why you want your child to start maybe you need money maybe you want them to gain skills like discipline maybe you want them to learn entrepreneurship something put it here fill it out you also know your child's personality put it here fill it out here it gets a little trickier these are the skills you want them to learn.

I'm gonna talk about entrepreneurship skills later so we're gonna edit this part but I would like you to edit this I would like you to fill this part out of the skills that you want them to learn on you know you don't have to fill this out you just create your own document and just keep editing it and it would be interesting for you to see how many edits goes through by the end of the course obviously this is something that's prudent for you the amount of time so the business you choose should be appropriate for the amount of time you have if you have an unlimited amount of time maybe years okay it's wide open for you but if you just have a summer vacation within which to work some ideas won't work so of course you need to fill this help and these are gonna be sections that we're going to edit later but you can also write down your own answers for now it will be equally interesting exercise for you as it will be something that we'll build in the course and you'll see how different this is by the end of the course compared to what this looks like in the beginning and I'd like you to also think about the types of complementing skills to the business idea you might choose.

So you wouldn't fill this out just yet because you don't know what business idea there might be that you will pursue with your child but this is important additional things are you can add how much money you're able to invest often such business do not depend very much on money they depend more on resourcefulness creativity and skill and just willing to try things and hustle rather than money so money is not usually a factor here but if you want for the sake of organization to choose this so use this almost to fill in the blanks and this is gonna be your overall plan this isn't your business plan will actually work out your business plan a little bit later but this is almost your guide like a fill in the blanks guide through this course so you can get this is more like in addition to your business plan a just for you to have a sense of what's really happening and where you are really taking your child's business and what the real goals of it will be and what you will accomplish not just by the end of the course but by the starting and growing of your child's business.

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