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Businesses for Extroverted Kids

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August 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about business ideas for kids who have a big personality they're sociable and they're extroverts so they don't like to be nerdy at the computer they'd rather be outside talking and dealing with people this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy those kinds of business ideas and those are a good fit for sales and general personality exploration ideas so the most obvious thing you can do is door-to-door sales many people absolutely hate door-to-door sales being on the on both ends of that equation on the receiving end the giving end but it's an option and you can again find many kinds of products to sell and just give it a try with your child see how that works for most people it's not their thing so let's move on also really cool your child if they're outgoing extrovert they're good people they might be good fit for leadership and management so you have to put them in positions where they have to lead others not just you very good thing to do that is let's say to organize big events like a neighborhood big neighborhood party where they get maybe five kids or ten kids who are their friends and everybody gets a role so it becomes almost like a project it's not a long-term business but almost like a project where they get to manage so many moving parts and everyone may be on within a few blocks has sort of like a little job you know like let's say if you have a block party or a neighborhood party or you know wherever you live as long as they can organize that that's a lot of skills like leadership management organization that they're gonna practice and it's gonna be fun for them because they're gonna be sociable throughout the whole thing and there's a lot of management around that and you can think of beyond just the idea of parties and think of what other events there might be to manage and we'll get into that a little bit later in this video another thing you can try to think of as other ways.

They can sell in person for example flea market sales limit that traditional idea of the lemonade stand you don't have to sell lemonade but as long as you get a little bit of passerby traffic they can at least the easiest thing to do is just set up a table and one day put some products out there it could be just a garage sale could be something else but as long as they're managing it deal with people selling they're learning the sales process and the sales process has to do with emotional intelligence if you want to push them into learning about that not push them but guide them into learning about that which is a very important work skill and life skill that's a good segue into that now there's also other things you can do that art takes on traditional business ideas with a sociable spin for example something like doing a little bit of journalism and maybe just having lamb like a neighborhood report what used to be a neighborhood report newspaper these days would be a neighborhood report blog or a vlog or a video or video serious.

YouTube channel so that people in the neighborhood would be the very obvious audience it can get socially shared around the neighborhood all those cool things would happen another interesting thing is this guide idea and this is for let's say you live in an interesting area and you have some local tours like let's say something interesting your child could lead as long as it's not too young of a child or you can do it with your child together and they can help you but you can be like a hammer local tour guide company where you show different people around every week or you can do something like hiking guide or outdoor guide or doing some sort of an activity like maybe you have like regular activities maybe one activity is like nature guide that then you know like you're going out to nature next active next week activity might be like going to see some kind of animals somewhere just something fun for maybe other kids or adults in the area that you can be known hey like every week we're doing some fun event and it will grow an audience bill local friends and contacts and also generate a little bit of money so those are the kinds of businesses that can be done for people with outgoing personalities.

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