Business Ideas For Crafty Kids or Crafty Parents

Business ideas for crafty kids (or crafty parents)

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August 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's go over business ideas that are good for kids that are good with their hands a crafting this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and these are just basically things that can be made and resold that simple some things that are good are if your child is into cooking or baking right away bake sales very simple business fun to do can be done all in one day cook in the morning so in the afternoon have fun with the money in the evening so that's easy to start also jewelry is a really popular business for kids to create quick kids are really good for creating funky jewelry really simple for them to do for me it wouldn't be but for a lot of kids it is also same kinds of kids who are good with jewelry are probably good with decorating things woodworking.

If you're good with woodworking if you want to teach your child that's really a good thing that you can make a ton of products and what really that brings me to is woodworking is something that people don't just know how to do it's your parents can teach them and so for you you can have this bonding experience where not only do you teach your child some particular skill maybe it would be woodworking maybe it would be something else anything but instead of just teaching them that skill you give them this extra awesome incentive that hey after this skill we can sell to make money and have all this fun with the money that I make and so it will give them incentive to learn the skill and we'll teach them the business of that product of of creating a product and selling and managing inventory so all of these kinds of ideas are good for kids who are good you know with their hands making things and also the very last point of this is an exercise almost an exercise for you to think of what you can teach your child to make so that you guys can do together and then sell it together and have creative business on top of that.

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