How to use tripod for tiktok videos

Stand for your phone

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June 19, 2020

Video Transcription: With this video let's begin talking about how to start filming and you can just hold your phone this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and point the camera at you but that video is going to come out well as good when you're holding the phone it's gonna shake in your hands that's gonna make the video quality immediately worse so the solution is to have a little stand you can have a little stand like this you see it's very very cheap that can stand on your table now one caution is that if you're doing something on the table or if you're touching the table or if you have your hands on the same surface as the stand is on its going to actually shake the stand a little bit and shake the camera a little bit so you're actually still gonna have poor quality of video so if you can put this kind of a stand on an independent surface and it's gonna be able to stand about your head level not higher not lower for most videos that's fine if you can do that if not you might want to have a taller one like this or attach it to a taller one see so there's two kinds right there's one you can extend the height or there's one that you can have a little tiny tripod and and put it right on your table so for every situation there's different ones if I was doing this I would actually get both because you don't want to have them restrict you because for some of them you need to be up close for some of them you need to be a little further you don't want to have constraints from camera angles because you'll have a ton of other constraints like you're setting everything else so that at least you should be free to choose how far away you are what angle you want to have at you so they're not too expensive so I would get kind of one of each.

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