How to use tiktok hashtags

Using TikTok hashtags

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June 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about how to use tik-tok hashtags because hashtags are really popular and important on tik-tok this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy it's a way a lot of people use to discover new content new videos and even brands look through hashtags to find influencers who they want to sponsor and really you can think of it as categories so some of the biggest categories obviously have a lot of people browsing them and if you climb the hashtags you're going to be able to get a lot of visibility so let's talk about all this the place where you put the hashtags is the caption of your video when you upload a video before you press submit tik-tok will ask you to write a caption the caption is 100 characters long and some of that hundred characters you may use to write a very brief description of the video but also in the remaining of those characters you may use hashtags some of the very popular hashtags are for like number for you then the word for you then hashtag trending and there's a lot of other popular hashtags and there's a lot of other popular hashtags for specific types of videos and one thing you can do is look at the trending videos of that day and see is there like a trend that day is there something in the news you can piggyback off that and use that to get visibility and followers also you can stay on your topic what I mean by that is well let's say you're doing music but you know the popular hashtag of the day is cooking well even if you're ranking that hashtag how much help is that really gonna get you a questionable amount of help right so you want to stay if you're doing music or if you're doing sports you want to stay in hashtags within your niche and there's two kinds of hashtags and you can think of them as if you're familiar with SEO in SEO there's longtail keywords and short tail keywords the short tail keywords are the very popular ones that are hard to rank for the same is true with hashtags that are popular so if you're doing comedy and you're trying to target the hashtag comedy well that's a tremendously difficult hashtag there's millions of views on that and you're gonna be competing against some of the biggest influencers so if you're just starting out or if you're relatively new it's gonna be too hard to compete so you might get no visibility the solution to that is in addition to the very popular hashtags to use less popular hashtags which of course don't get you as much traffic but they will get you at least some traffic and that's really what you need some so that you can get momentum the way the algorithms work on tik-tok is that the more momentum you have the more likes the more everything the more activity around your video you have that more people discover you the more people follow you through that video the higher you rank in a hashtag ranking so if you rank for a lot of little hashtags and and get views from that that's actually going to influence your ranking for bigger and bigger hashtags and as you grow your followers those followers will give you a lot more activity and you're gonna be able to rank for tougher and tougher hashtags but not right away so right away you want to go for the very non challenging hashtag exactly at least get some views now let's talk about how to find good hashtags and the easiest way to do it is make a list of the top influencers specifically in your topic in your niche because they're already using some of the good hashtags and look at the captions of their posts.

You'll find a lot of hashtags that are the competitive ones and but also a lot of the easy ones that you can also pick it back off of and you can even piggyback off of their branded hashtags so for example my website is problemi o dot-com my web my branded hashtag could either be my name like Alex gonna die Nick it's the only name like that in the world or my brand like problem U which is a weird word that made up so if there's a popular influencer and they constantly use a hashtag and you want to get some of their followers you can use one of their hashtags in your videos so at least you get some visibility in that non-competitive hashtag so with the strategy of looking at the hashtags used by other influencers you'll get new longtail less competitive hashtags to try in your post and actually make sure that the hashtags you do use be selective because you only have 100 characters if there's hat if there's some hashtags that's like a very long hashtag like Sunday Funday in the park okay that too long because instead of that you could have used three or four shorter ones so shorter hashtags are a little more productive unless there is really a nice hashtag you're going for that is long but might give you a great chance to rank then okay you can use that but pound-for-pound shorter hashtags are better because they leave you more space for your actual caption and for other hashtags.

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