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Importing your friends to build up an initial audience

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June 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Before this video starts I actually want to mention something about the audio quality of this video the audio quality is not as good as in my other videos when I record the screen on my phone this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy so videos that have the screen recording off the phone I'm not able to actually use a professional microphone I'm only able to use the built-in microphone of my phone so there might be a little bit of extra noise problems a little bit of extra outside noise I'm sorry about that I'll try to keep it to a minimum anyway I just wanted to explain that now okay once you have your account created and once you have your screen name set the next thing is you've got to import your friends because this is the first source of activity so on the top left you see a little man icon with that little plus let's click that and we're going to go into the settings where you find contacts and find your friends so obviously I don't want to show my contact lists because I don't know if those people want to be shown here but you would go through that and you would literally go through all your contacts and invite them to be friends not to mention that you will also go directly go to your Facebook to your Twitter and post hey guys I just made a new account on tik-tok at so-and-so and please follow me on tic-tac so importing your friends you see I haven't done that because I don't wanna personally I don't want to bother my friends with my music too much more than I already do and my business things because you know they're my friends and my business is my business so I kind of want to keep it separate just because I don't want to annoy my friends but if you are open to inviting your friends that is a fantastic advantage because a lot of people these days they have hundreds and hundreds of people on social media and you'll be surprised now a lot of your friends will be on tic-tac and guess what a lot of them will be struggling to get followers and they'll be happy to follow you and you can follow them so they are going to be your initial source of likes followers all that and when you post new videos those videos are gonna have initial life which is going to show the tik-tok algorithm - hey maybe promote you higher in the hashtags and so on and so on so this is a way to start building up your audience literally from scratch literally not only on day one but like on hour one just this is so this is one of the immediate things you should do right after you set up your account.

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