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Introduction Of Adobe Photoshop Cc Tutorial Design Online

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Hi my name is Dawid Tuminski  and thanks for enrolling in this horse now if you are here the chances are that in the past you either wanted to learn Photoshop but felt overwhelmed by it this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy you started learning it but it finally gave up because you didn't see any results of your efforts or you want to learn only the practical aspects Photoshop the ones there are easy to learn and give fast results whether you are in the right place because this course is all about photo shops practical essentials so let's actually see what you will learn inside this course we're gonna start with the quick interface overview but we will look at it from a practical point of view you'll learn the most essential and most effective ways of using it then we're going to talk about the practical and most effective ways of bringing your images into Photoshop and after that we'll briefly talk about the layers but only in the practical aspects you will learn only what you need to make your photos look great and not break them in the process in the next section you'll learn how to quickly transform your images how to change their size how to rotate them how to flip them all land using the quickest and the simplest techniques you know there's a difference between the image itself and the canvas that it sits on.

So in this section you'll learn how to use the canvas what's the difference between the canvas and the image and what are the practical benefits of it after that we will demystify cropping you've probably noticed the bars that sometimes pop up when you take a photo on your digital camera after this section you will know how to create photo compositions like a photography Super's and after that we will talk about using the adjustment layers now I know it may sound scary but before we move on to the actual making your photo a great part we'll talk about what the adjustment layers are how to use them and why it's a good idea to you and once we are familiar with the adjustment layers we'll talk about how to make the colors of your referral great how to make it more vivid and how to make it look more natural all that in just a few easy steps and one of those adjustments will also allow us to give any photo a retro look and this actually be a quick peek at what you will learn in my other course on creating most popular Instagram effects in Photoshop so once we are happy with our photo we made all the adjustments we made all the corrections it's time to share it with the world so it can envy us so you will learn how to save your images for both put it on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere on the web and for future edit so as you can see there's a lot of practical stuff to cover so let's jump right in.

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