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How to Use the Canvas

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we are going to talk about their canvas and the relation between the canvas and the image inside Photoshop this video is brought to you by our Appy Pie's Academy so basically canvas is something that our image is sitting on or is being like constrained to and in this case well it's actually very handy that we have our background beam filled with the white color because right now we can see the boundaries of our canvas right here so wherever the white color stops actually our canvas stop right here so how does this help us well if I just go to the free transform mode by pressing the control key on my keyboard or command T if you're on a Mac if I just change the size of the image just like so you can see that the canvas is constraining the size of my image we can't actually see anything that is being outside the canvas and right now if I were just to go ahead and save my image so I'm gonna just quickly go to save and save for web and we are actually going to be talking about this command in greater detail or detail in later video I am actually going to save only what's been but what's being displayed inside the canvas of course if you want to you can change the size of the canvas and so in order to do that well actually we don't have a we don't have a canvas menu right here but the canvas size is actually under the image menu and canvas size but I'd advise you to use the ctrl alt + C or option + ctrl + C shortcut so if I now just go if I now just click on it I'm gonna change my units to pixels right here I can now change the size of my of my image and well of my canvas and I can make it really arbitrary so let's say that I need for my project I need all my images to be exactly in the HD resolution which is 1280 by 720 so if I just go with 1280 by 720 and imagine it can be any size you want let's say you want your Facebook album to be in some certain well in some well concrete resolution or size you can you can simply enter it here I'm gonna go with standard sixteen by nine HD 1280 by 720 resolution and I'm just gonna click OK and right now the Photoshop is gonna tell me that the new canvas size is smaller than my image and it will actually kind of like will clipping or cropping will happen with my image but that's not something that I'm gonna be worrying about because we already know how to transform an image so I'm simply gonna go proceed and right now you can see that the canvas size has changed and now if I want to I can go back to control to the free transform by pressing the control key on my keyboard and I can now simply manipulate my image size and I can be sure that whenever I save this image I can be sure that it has actually 1280 by 720 resolution and how does this help us how does this understanding help us.

Well if I just go to my another another well document and if I just bring my orange over right here and if I now simply make it bigger just like so and maybe I'll move it a bit to the right why not and I'm gonna do the same with my let me just turn these guys off I'm gonna do the same width banana I'm gonna move it right here and I'm gonna place it somewhere here press ctrl T make the banana bigger maybe move it a bit up just like so and right now I have I have one two three images that I'm sure that I'm not are being constrained to 1280 by 720 and if I now just go ahead and want to save the image I'm gonna go to the file menu save for web I can save my banana in as you can see down here well with the size that I've set the canvas to and let's say that now I want to save my orange well all we need to do is to simply disable the visibility of the banana layer go ahead and choose file save for web and now I can I can save the orange and then if I want to save the fish again I'm gonna turn the visibility of the orange of select select my my lair go to the safer web command and again I'm gonna save the fish and as you can see all I'm gonna always have the dimensions of my canvas right here so whenever you need like multiple images of the same size you can simply change your canvas size to that and the two that defined defined resolution or size and simply import your image place your images and then quickly save them using the save for web command which by the way we will talk about in greater detail in a subsequent video so this is actually how canvas can help you in creating multiple images with the same width the same size so let's say that you want to create a facebook album or your family album and you want to be sure that all of them have the same size just because then you can then you can use this technique by a change in the canvas size and simply place in your images and then saving them one by one using the save for web command and by the way that changing the canvas size and working like this actually does kind of work like cropping and cropping is first of the techniques or tools that we are going to use to make our photo look great so far we were learning the necessary basics of placing and handling images inside Photoshop right now we will take a look at how to actually start making it look beautiful so that something that you're interested in just keep watching.

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