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What are Loops

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

A introduction to programming coding languages.

II: Body

What are loops? What are they used for? What are the different types of loops?

III: Conclusion


III: Conclusion

A conclusion.

How do I Write a Report?

I would like to start this report by analyzing the structure of the company in which I will be working this summer. After I have done that, I will look at the organization’s goals and objectives. Finally, I will present my analysis of the company’s goals and objectives and present my recommendations on how the company can achieve its goals. For this report I will use the following sources. •Compaq’s Annual Report 1999 •The Compaq Web Site •The Compaq Press Release September 23, 1999 •S&P Capital IQ Inc. •The New York Times •Reuters Press •Internet Press Releases •Newspaper Articles •Compaq’s 1999 1st Quarter Financial Results Briefing •Compaq’s Earnings Call Transcript April 28, 1999 •Compaq’s 1999 2nd Quarter Financial Results Briefing •Compaq’s Earnings Call Transcript July 27, 1999 •Compaq’s 1999 3rd Quarter Financial Results Briefing •Compaq’s Earnings Call Transcript October 27, 1999 •Compaq’s 1999 4th Quarter Financial Results Briefing •Compaq’s Earnings Call Transcript February 10, 2000 •Compaq’s 1999 1st Quarter Earnings Release May 6, 1999 •Compaq’s 1999 2nd Quarter Earnings Release August 11, 1999 •Compaq’s 1999 3rd Quarter Earnings Release November 10, 1999 •Compaq’s 1999 4th Quarter Earnings Release February 10, 2000

How do I Write a Descriptive Paper?

I want to share with you my experience about what it is like living in a dormitory with other people. I live in a dormitory with two girls and four boys. Every morning we get up early to go to school. We have to cook, clean, and take care of all of our things in our rooms. We have a housekeeper who comes every week to help us clean our rooms and she also cooks for us sometimes. She is very nice and she is from Mexico City. After school we all come back to our rooms and study or play games together. When we have free time, we all go out together or stay in our rooms and watch television or read books. In my dormitory we have two big rooms with eight beds in each room, a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room. We all share the same bathroom and kitchen, but most of us keep most of our stuff in our rooms. All of us in my dormitory are very nice and we get along well with each other. My roommate is from Mexico City also and he is a very nice kid that has been working very hard studying English so that he can learn more about the United States and its history. People from different cultures here in the United States can learn a lot from each other if they treat each other with respect and share their different experiences. I hope this report helps you understand more about living in a dormitory and how we all get along here in this country. Sincerely, Katherine Lopez

How do I Write a Literature Review?

Literature review on the effects of cigarette smoking on human health Abstract: The purpose of this report is to further explore and explain the effects of cigarette smoking on human health. There was no previous literature available on this subject; therefore, no prior studies existed to base comparisons upon. This report discusses literature on the following topics: •Cigarette smoking statistics •Smoking cigarettes and physical damage to the body •Effects of smoking cigarettes on the heart •Medical literature on lung cancer •Smoking cigarettes and the risk of lung cancer •Additional information on lung cancer •Smoking cigarettes & oral cancer Some information is provided from several articles published in medical journals such as: The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), The American Heart Association (AHA), and The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Although there were discrepancies among these articles, they were very helpful in providing facts that supported smoking as being harmful to the human body. One article that was especially interesting was one that discussed studies conducted on cigarette smokers who were terminally ill due to various forms of cancer including lung cancer. These individuals were allowed to smoke cigarettes 24 hours a day for one month because they had less than six months to live before they died. This research showed strong conclusive evidence that cigarette smoking caused significant damage to the respiratory system, including damage to the lungs. References are included at the end of this report. This report is designed for anyone interested in learning more about the effects of cigarette smoking on human health. This report also could be used as an educational tool for individuals that currently use or are considering using tobacco products or for individuals that may have family members that utilize tobacco products. This report could also be used as reference material for future studies on this subject matter since there are no current studies available at this time. ATTENTION EDITORS AND MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES Please contact me for additional information or high resolution copies of any or all images shown within this document. Please refer to Contact Information below for complete details on getting in touch with me. Thank you for your interest in my work! Introduction Cigarette smoking has been around for centuries; however, it has only been within the last 100 years where cigarette smoking has become widely accepted as part of American culture (Mosher). It was not until 1964 that cigarette smoking was proven to be harmful to health (American Lung Assoc.). Cigarette smoking has long been considered an unhealthy habit; however, many people still choose to smoke cigarettes (American Lung Assoc.). There are many reasons why people choose to smoke cigarettes; however, many people fail to realize that cigarette smoking can potentially cause significant damage to their bodies (American Lung Assoc.). The purpose of this report is to further explore and explain the effects of cigarette smoking on human health (American Lung Assoc.). The first section of this report will discuss cigarette smoking statistics (Mosher). The second section will discuss how smoking cigarettes physically damages the body (Mosher). The third section will discuss how smoking cigarettes can affect the heart (Mosher). The fourth section will discuss medical literature on lung cancer (Mosher). The fifth section will discuss how smoking cigarettes can increase your risk of lung cancer (Mosher). The sixth section will discuss cigarette smoking & oral cancer (Mosher). The seventh section will discuss additional information on lung cancer (Mosher). The eighth section will discuss questions about lung cancer & smoking cigarettes (Mosher). Finally, this report will provide a bibliography of reference materials used within this report (Mosher). Cigarette Smoking Statistics According to Mosher, approximately 50% of men over age 20 smoke cigarettes regularly while 36% percent of women over age 20 smoke cigarettes regularly (Mosher). Overall, approximately 43% of Americans over age 18 smoke cigarettes regularly (Mosher). Unfortunately, according to Mosher, approximately 75% of all smokers will die from some form of disease related directly to their cigarette smoking habits (Mosher). About 37% percent of those deaths will be from lung cancer while 17% percent will be from COPD & 15% percent will be from heart disease with another 17% percent being from strokes & 13% percent being from emphysema & chronic bronchitis (Mosher). In addition, approximately 5 million adults suffer from asthma which is a disease related directly to cigarette smoking (Mosher). Smoking Cigarettes & Physical Damage To The Body According to Mosher, cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemical components most being toxic or poisonous to the human body (Mosher). In addition, most smokers inhale most of these toxic chemicals deep into their lungs where they remain most concentrated thereby increasing the potential damage they cause to the body (Mosher). Although many people believe that “only the nicotine” is addictive; however, research has revealed that nicotine is only one component out of over 4,000 (Mosher). According to Mosher and Zangwill, there are three main components found in tobacco products: nicotine, tar & carbon monoxide (Zangwill). Nicotine is an alkaloid found within tobacco products; however, nicotine itself is not particularly harmful; rather it is more harmful when combined with other ingredients (Zangwill). Tar as mentioned above is another compound found within tobacco products; however it is solely produced as a by-product through combustion thus making it highly dangerous to anyone who smokes cigarettes (Zangwill). Carbon monoxide is highly toxic and poisonous; however it also enters into blood circulation rapidly causing damage

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