Generic, Submit and Reset Buttons

Generic, Submit and Reset Buttons

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

I would like to write about how programming languages are used to create programs. Programming Languages are created for people to create web based software. The kind of software that is created is referred to as an application, and is different from traditional language like English which is referred to as a human language.

A: Introduction to programming coding languages

Programming languages are the way that computers receive instructions. The first programming language was developed in 1950 by John Mauchly, who later founded the computer company, UNIVAC. The name of the first programming language was "BASIC" which stood for Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. Since then there have been many different languages developed for various purposes.

II: Body

A: Generic, submit and reset buttons

There are three kinds of buttons used on websites. They are generic, submit and reset. A generic button is used for things other than submitting information or resetting something. A generic button can be used to navigate through a website, because it gives the user options that aren't related to submitting information or resetting something. Submit buttons are used for submitting information, but they can also be used for resetting something. Reset buttons are used for resetting information on a website or computer, but they can also be used for submitting information.

B: Common uses of programming languages

Programming languages are used for creating applications. Applications are programs that are made for specific purposes. There are many different types of applications, here are some examples of them, word processing programs, spreadsheet programs, database systems and email programs. These types of applications are all used for different purposes. Word processing programs are used for writing documents like letters and stories. Spreadsheet programs are used for making financial documents like budgets and they can also be used for making graphs and charts. Database systems are used for storing information in a organized fashion. Email programs are used for sending and receiving emails in an organized fashion. These programs were made with the help of programming languages like: C++ , Java, Python and HTML.

III: Conclusion

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