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What to do after buying a domain?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on February 19, 2021, 12:48 pm

Buying a domain is one of the most initial steps to establishing your own web presence. The question is – what should you do next?
In the simplest of terms, it is time to start working on your website and your online presence.
Let’s break it down into simpler steps:

1. Get a hosting plan and sync your domain

Buying a domain is only the first step and the immediate next step is to buy hosting for your website. Sometimes you can buy domain and hosting from the same vendor. Once you have both, you would need to know the domain transfer process (it is simpler than it sounds).

2. Create custom email addresses

You should get email addresses that match with your domain name. This makes you, your business, and your website look a little more professional. Typically you get at least one matching email address without additional charges, but as you go up higher with the hosting plan you can get more of them.

3. Build a website

Simply buying a domain and hosting is not enough, you would have to create your website so that people would be able to see all your awesome offerings and the content you want to put out there.

4. Get matching social media handles 

To ensure a strong online brand presence, it is important to get matching handles on all the major social media channels. Even if you do not plan to start social media campaigns immediately, it is a good idea to reserve the social media handles so that they are not taken up by others.

5. SEO the website

This is the most critical part of getting a website out there. At this moment you can start basic link building activities. This way you can get a steady source of free targeted traffic.

6. Promote your website

Unless you make an effort to let people know about your website, people may never find it. You can promote your website through social media ads, PPC campaigns, CPA ads, affiliates, generating leads and so much more.


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