How to get Live Publishable Key, Live Secret Key from Stripe?

Follow below mentioned steps to get Live Publishable Key, Live Secret Key from Stripe:
Step 1: Go to Stripe
Step 2: If you have a Stripe account, login, else Signup
Step 3: On your Stripe dashboard, click on Connect
Step 4: The Connect dropdown menu will open. Click on Settings
Step 5: You will be redirected to Stripe Connect dashboard. Click on Register your Platform button
Step 6: Now click on Add redirect URL button
Step 7: Enter the URL here
Step 8: Click on Developers
Step 9: The Developers dropdown menu will open on the left hand side menu. Click on API Keys
Step 10: Click on Reveal Test Key Token button
Step 11: The Publishable key and Secret key will appear. Copy these keys
Step 12: Paste these keys in My Apps >> Hyperlocal>> General Settings >>Payment Settings>> Credit Card via Stripe Payment Gateway

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