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Is web design a good business?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on April 9, 2021, 4:55 am

Web design is a great business and quite a profitable one. Everyone needs a website today and they are looking for someone to build a website for them. This is primarily because the small businesses, in particular, do not have the budget or the resources to make them in-house.

You, however, can start a web design business and make websites without coding. Here are some things you need to do before you start a web design business.

1. Create a business website

You cannot start a web design business if you do not have a well-designed business website of your own. Hence, the first step is to build a website of your own and take the first step towards establishing your online presence.

2. Build your brand

Your website must promote your brand. This can be done through a well-designed logo, a suitable color theme, the right font, and the placement of all design elements in a way that emphasizes the brand. If people remember you, they will come back looking for you again!

3. Chalk up a business plan

The goal of any business is eventually to make some money. It is important that you are clear about the pricing and the different services that you are going to offer as a web design agency or an individual web designer.

4. Promote your business

Unless you make some serious efforts to promote your business, you are going to get lost in all that marketing noise that crowds the market today. Hence, choose the appropriate platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn to promote your business. The idea is to choose 3 or 4 platforms where your target audience likes to spend some time and promote your business there.

5. Send out newsletters/mailers

This makes sense when you have access to a relevant database of emails. Once you have that, you can then create a newsletter or mailer and tell them what you do while giving them a link to your website.

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