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Can I become a web designer without a degree?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on March 10, 2021, 2:35 pm

Of course, you can become a web designer without a degree. There are number of very popular degree courses for web design and development. However, if you are planning to get into web design you do not have to spend years in training or thousands of dollars in earning a degree.

How to become a web designer without a degree?

Appy Pie Website lets anyone, irrespective of their technical knowledge design a website with no special training and without any coding. The no code website builder from Appy Pie lets you make a website in minutes without writing even a single line of code.

How to design a website without coding?

Appy Pie lets you make your own website in minutes and become a web designer without having to earn a degree. It is only a three-step process for creating a website when you are using the no code website builder software from Appy Pie.

1. Enter the name of your business

On the website builder platform, first, you need to enter the name of your business. This can be a placeholder in case you do not yet have a name set in stone. You can come back and change the name for your business or website whenever you want. Once you have done that, you can choose the theme and category best suited for your website.

2. Choose the features 

The best part about this website builder is that you do not have to use coding to create a business website. You can simply drag and drop the pages or features that would help make your website a success.

3. Publish your website

Once you are happy with the website in your hands, you can customize it by adding your business logo, some content and contact details to make it truly your own. It is now time to publish your website and go live. All you need to do is connect your domain to the website and you are good to go!

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