How to Monetize Your Android App

How to Monetize Your Android App?

Appy Pie offers monetization using ADMOB. For enabling ad service you just need to provide Banner Ad Unit ID and/or Interstitial Ad Unit ID in My Apps >> Monetize section for the respective platform.

Follow below mention steps to own your ADMOB Banner Ad Unit ID and/or Interstitial Ad Unit ID:

  1. If you already have an account the login else Signup on AdMob
  2. Click Apps in the sidebar
  3. Select the name of the app you’re creating this ad unit for. If you don’t see it in the list of recent apps, you can click Add app to add a new app or click View all apps to search a list of all of the apps you’ve added to AdMob
  4. Click Ad units in the sidebar
  5. Click Add ad unit
  6. Click Select for the ad format
  7. Enter a name for this ad unit. Recommended: Include relevant information, such as ad format and location in your app to make it easier to identify later.
  8. (optional) Complete the advanced settings for this ad unit:

    Ad type: Choose the ad type(s) allowed to be shown in this ad unit. You can choose any combination of ad types by checking the boxes. Unchecking all of the boxes will result in an error. You must choose at least one ad type for each ad unit. Suggestion: To try and help maximize revenue for this ad unit, we suggest checking all of the boxes. 

    For Banner :

    Automatic refresh: Determines how often a new ad request is generated for this ad unit. Recommended: Select Google optimized to let AdMob manage the refresh rate for you. The Google-optimized rate is calculated using AdMob historical data to ensure the ads shown in your ad units are being refreshed at the best rate for banner ads. You may also set a custom refresh rate of 30-150 seconds or disable automatic refresh rate completely.

    For Interstitial :

    Frequency capping: Determines the number of times this ad unit can show an ad to the same user. You can choose not to set a limit, or you can limit ads for each user by the number shown per minute hour or day.

  9. Click Create ad unit
  10. Copy Admob Unit ID and Paste it in Appy Pie’s My Apps >> Monetize

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