How to integrate coupon feature in directory

How to integrate coupon feature in directory?

Follow steps to integrate coupon feature in directory:

  1. In this tutorial we will learn How to add and connect Coupons with Directory Listings?
  2. Click on Directory section under My Apps area.
  3. Go to General Settings >> Coupon
  4. Click on Add New Coupon button
  5. There are 3 types of coupons: Discount, Buy Get, and Scratch win
  6. Let start with discount based coupon
  7. Enter Coupon Heading, and other details as per your need.
  8. Select discount type, either it should be in Percentage or Flat
  9. Enter discount amount
  10. Validation is further divided in to 3 types: Promo Code, PIN Authentication and Redeem Button
  11. Select Promo code if you want show Coupon code to user to get out any hassle.
  12. In addition to this you can show Bar code or QR code in coupon
  13. Next is Pin Authentication, It shows Redeem button, once user tap on it, it ask to enter valid pin to get coupon code.
  14. You can select whether it should be Reusable or One Time use only
  15. Next is Redeem button, It shows Redeem button, once user taps on it will redeem coupon
  16. You can select date from and which till this coupon will be valid
  17. Now, lets check Buy and Get Coupon type
  18. Provide saving offer How much Buy will cost how much get.
  19. Select offer display type
  20. Validation will be same.
  21. Next is Scratch and Win.
  22. Under Odds set percentage of the times a customer will win this prize.
  23. Tell your customer what they have won.
  24. Upload Lucky image will appear if user is lucky.
  25. Same you can do with Unlucky card
  26. Under this there is only 2 types of validation: Redeem Button and Pin Authentication
  27. However working of these 2 validation process are same.
  28. Once all required info is filled then Save Coupon.
  29. Go to Manage Directory, Add new or Edit existing on the Directory listing through which you want to connect coupon.
  30. There you will see a new field added.
  31. Select Coupon which you want to connect with this directory listing.
  32. Once done, click on Save.

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