How to integrate Directory feature to your App in new Appy Pie?

The below video demonstrates of how you can add Directory feature to your app.


Video Transcription


Hi guys this is RC from Appy Pie and today we would be learning about the directory feature how to use that now i go into my app and add which called director here so in the front and here I simply have to give my directory and name alright and some very interesting things that you have to do your is to enable the keyword search so that people can use the keyword to search for a particular name year and you have to enable the location-based search and you have to enable this particular one here which allows users to add listings now you could have the choice to disable this because you might have a directory that you want users to not be able to modify which means they will not be able to add anything there in terms of listing so if you want to use this to be also able to add to your directory much like a google does with their images and the street view images so they give users the options to upload the maps for areas that have not been covered so far and are similarly and those lines if you want your users to be able to help you in adding to your directory listings then you should click on this here to enable them so once you've done that all you need to do is click on save and finish and go into the back end my apt Syria alright so when you come to my app Area and you go into your app for the ritual settings and there you see manage directory ok so here is where you can add categories to your directory for example there's already one added here i can add another one and give it a name and I can also decide whether I want these listings in the category to be alphabetically listed or not and whether the status for this category is active for now i can also add a thumbnail here from one of the images and create a category there you go now you can even change the position of these categories by click and shop so so its category 2 i'll be back but say tomorrow you want to change it back to its original position you can also do that so it's very easy to play around with the positioning without having to actually go into each one of these now when you go into a category here i can actually create sub categories by clicking on that one button and see ad subcategory can say whatever I don't let a again whether I wanted to be listed alphabetically the stairs and come kneel so I would see a subcategory called out lately being created here and then I go into the listings to create the listings in that category my thing at listing so for every listing I would be giving the heading a summary Oh anything that I want to say you're in terms of a description i can also add media to this listing I can add an email ID i can add a URL for website i can add contact numbers where they can call back and address and i can also address i can also view this address on a map or i can launch this address and the devices native app application so i can click on that and if I'm making a reservation then I can use that URL say if it is open table and literature alright so that's the first listing there now are there are some additional things that I could record an immature by clicking on it and go to the settings edit yeah or make it inactive or go to the media files by adding images here i can add an image here or i could also add a customized image by saying upload from my system and I can add some URLs from youtube video possibly and an audio file that i want to put it could be a media hora sasur radio stream or a customized URL of a track name that I want to put yer so i can do all that to listing i can delete it from your there you go i can go back to create more listings or i can create more categories so you see in the first category i had created one sub category and one listing so it all gets shown you and I can keep adding more categories and more subcategory Stewart and listings to it all right now for directory we go into the general settings now this new version of listing is basically or worship when you get to see the images like you're seeing now the earlier version of a pie l didn't allow for images so we just had listings one after the other work without the images so you can decide how you want the display to be done and currently it is by default on on if you switch it off you will not see the image ok so the default image view right now is on and you can actually switch it off so you see the default images furnishes ok when i switch it on I see the default image if i switch it off i will not see the default much when i say i don't want the new listing in terms of images then the default image would automatically get switched on so i have to switch it off don't want that also so if I just want your listings without images this is what the settings should look like when you have a newer version listings which drove the default limits switched off and no images getting displayed now if I don't want the new images then I simply switch this on for default images if I don't want the default images I'd switch this on for the new images as simple as that now the listings can also be shared on various media like any other sharing function you can switch it on or off and it will get reflected on your mobile device now there's also an inquiry form for every listing that you could activate if you activate it you can actually have a template for a farm which the customers can fill in in case they have inquiries regarding listing now whenever the sending sending this form there will be an email notification of the listing order now that can also be switched off by default it's on whenever you switch on the inquiry form the middle switch it off you see advantages which means every time a user has an inquiry an email will be sent to the listing owner saying that ok there's an inquiry please reply to it now another interesting feature is reviews when you switch this off or on you are basically in a pulling the review features will be added when i switch it on by default I would as a user will be able to add a review to that listing if I don't want users to add reviews I'll just switch it off now I this is on by default i also have an option to auto produce reviews now our editors would want to review the content before they make it live so typically this should remain off you should I only review the reviews that are coming in but a lot of giants like Google and all and Amazon's are what are not do auto prove because there'll be people will be like a whole providing malicious content so the idea is to filter it before you start making it life so you can just offer on here so it's your choice basically what you want to do alright similarly if you want a mac to be displayed for listing then you'll have to switch it on here or you can switch it off and if you want people to be able to check into that location that feature can also be given by giving them a button their chicken and if you do not wish to give them that luxury can switch it off here safely all right now like every other directory feature where in you have to manually add category subcategories and this thing's we have given you an option to upload a CSV file so you can go to applaud csv file and download the sample csv file to see the various parameters that are needed for plotting one and then select the data in terms of what is needed here and uploaded through saying upload csv file so there's also tutorial complete tutorial to help you with it now in general settings are the results something on a language settings where and you can actually change all these texts to to say something else so if it is please enter the open table URL i can only say opentable your earlier and just make that so i can save it to what i want so i can actually change the way my ass looks what it says to my user so okay can be yes you know and so on and so forth I can make all the changes that I want and click on save to make them actor alright so that's so much about the director future thank you so much for watching.

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