How to integrate About feature to your App in new Appy Pie?

The below video demonstrates of how you can add About feature to your app.


Hi guys, today I’m gonna teach you how to add the about us page to your Appy Pie app. You have to go to app pages and select the about us page. This basically is an introduction to the business that you want to promote. So you can make it whatever you like, you could call it an introduction or something else. I can actually change the icon here. So, I have a choice between selecting an existing icon, so I can choose this. I can also upload a new icon, so I can browse my system and see which one fits the belt. So I have changed to this, alright and I add a description about the company in terms of the business that I’m trying to promote here and then I put in details about the founder, the year of incorporation, the mission, the vision and the awards. Now the best thing about here is that you can change the name of these titles. You can actually make it a director or you could make it owner you know, and it can start reflecting that. So see here it’s getting reflected and it’s founded, say in 2010 and the mission statement and the vision and the awards, and you say an add page or you say save and continue.

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