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How Do I Add a Poster to LinkedIn? How to Create a LinkedIn Banner?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on October 4, 2021, 12:36 pm

Adding a poster or banner to your LinkedIn account is easy. Let’s see how.

  1. Go to LinkedIn and log in
  2. Click on the section at the top right and click on the down arrow next to “Me”
  3. On the drop down, click on “View Profile”
  4. In the top banner section, at the top right, you would see a small camera icon
  5. Click on the camera icon and you would see a pop up
  6. Click on “Upload photo” button
  7. Choose the photo you want to put up as LinkedIn banner
  8. Next, you can drag the photo and reposition it, zoom it, or straighten.
  9. You can crop, resize an image, add effects with filters, or adjust the brightness, contrast etc. till you are happy with it.
  10. Click on “Apply” button, and you’re done!

However, first you need to create a LinkedIn banner that would look good on your LinkedIn profile. This can be a challenge especially if you do not have any experience with design. Appy Pie Design solves this problem for you with fabulous LinkedIn banner templates which you can use as it is with just a few changes like placing your own logo, adding the name of your company or a personal motto.

However, you can also start with a blank canvas and create a LinkedIn banner from scratch. Let’s take you through the steps.

  1. Go to Appy Pie Design 
  2. Hover over the “Categories” tab and in the drop-down menu click on the “View all” button
  3. On the next screen, you would see “All Categories” selected by default. Click on the down arrow next to it for the drop-down menu
  4.  Select LinkedIn banner category and type in the search term you are looking for
  5. In the search results you would see all the LinkedIn banner templates that match your search terms
  6. Tweak it to your preferences, and you’re done!

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